The Level1 Show October 21 2022: Filled with Shatness

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Published on 21 Oct 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:07 - Lab-grown brain cells play video game Pong
2:41 - Microsoft brings DALL-E 2 to the masses with Designer and Image Creator
3:45 - Fake Joe Rogan interviews fake Steve Jobs in an AI-powered podcast
5:14 - Many U.S. drivers treat partially automated cars as self-driving
6:08 - Nike moves to curb sneaker-buying bots and resale market with penalties
7:25 - AI music generators could be a boon for artists — but also problematic
8:53 - Amazon abandons live tests of Scout home delivery robot
9:37 - This Danish Political Party Is Led by an AI
10:48 - SpaceX announces a second private flight to the Moon aboard Starship
11:33 - Amazon changes Kuiper prototype satellites launch from ABL to ULA
13:29 - Nasa says Dart mission succeeded in shifting asteroid’s orbit
14:54 - SpaceX competitor Lynk testing 5G cell phone service from space
15:35 - Stoke Space aims to build rapidly reusable rocket with a completely novel design
16:30 - Robot falls asleep while being quizzed by Lords
17:45 - Sony and Honda envision an EV that entertains while it takes the wheel
18:13 - William Shatner: My Trip to Space Filled Me With Sadness
18:56 - Artist Damien Hirst just burned 1,000 of his paintings and will soon burn more
20:32 - New York changes gun buyback after seller gets $21,000 for 3D-printed parts
21:28 - New Zealand angers its farmers by proposing taxing cow burps
22:46 - Rainbow fentanyl' is not being targeted at children, experts say
24:09 - Pastor who gave kids 'I ❀️ hot youth pastors' stickers placed on leave
25:17 - Halloween 2022: Lower Merion School District in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania cancels parades over safety, inclusivity concerns
27:01 - Florida car rental employees find toddler left in returned vehicle
29:40 - UC Berkeley to offer new course about Nicki Minaj in its spring 2023 semester; Artist says she'd 'love to stop by'
31:13 - $1.5 million floating home prototype sinks into the water at unveiling
33:05 - Ubisoft thinks you should pay $120 for Far Cry 6 GOTY Edition even though it didn't win a GOTY award
34:13 - ‘Ballots have been stuffed’: voting scandal rocks Alaska’s fat bear contest


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