Wētā Workshop Unleashed's Horror Movie Monster!

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Published on 17 Jan 2023, 15:00
In our final video from Adam's early-2020 visit to Wētā Workshop, Adam revisits the sculpting room to preview the in-progress sculpt of the monster from Wētā Workshop Unleashed's horror film "Fauna". Richard Taylor explains the origins and inspirations for this creature, which is now one of the many fantastical creations on display at the interactive exhibition open in Auckland, New Zealand!

Wētā Workshop Unleashed: tours.wetaworkshop.com/unleash...
See photos from the exhibition at instagram.com/wetaworkshopunle...
The Production Design of Wētā Workshop Unleashed: youtu.be/l9jVjAUiraw
Creating a Bigature for Wētā Workshop Unleashed: youtu.be/Tr5JBIiXI88
Inside Wētā Workshop's Animatronics Lab: youtu.be/aZYOugt3Bmw
Grass Flocking at Wētā Workshop: youtu.be/2cZbx8edQPM
Prop Dagger Build at Wētā Workshop: youtu.be/PEu_KP7X2G8
Painting a Horror Prop at Wētā Workshop: youtu.be/bb4sJiDxqZA
Sculpting Hyperrealistic Giant Heads at Wētā Workshop: youtu.be/sAPOjmgQhhk

Music by Jinglepunks

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