I Want To Be A Console Gamer - WAN Show February 24, 2023

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Published on 25 Feb 2023, 6:11
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters.
1:43 Intro.
2:14 Short production meeting.
3:07 Topic #1: Sony releases PlayStation VR2.
4:09 Luke tries out the headset, LTT review incoming.
4:52 Specs, Linus on eye tracking & render quality.
7:28 Luke on the headset's features & earphones.
10:06 Linus's home VR setup, Luke on tethered experience.
11:26 Commenting on the controller & overall design.
13:26 ChatGPT is sentient about Luke's comments on WAN Show.
14:23 Unable to use VR2 on PC.
16:18 Topic #2: Meta Verified "less ads" program.
17:19 Facebook viewers, Meta Verified, lack of support.
20:36 Tumblr profits from "Important Blue Internet Checkmarks."
22:54 "Whale Tier", "Extra Medium" size, Floatplane beta.
25:58 Merch Messages discussion, Right to Repair pin idea.
28:42 LTTStore new WAN deskpad, desk configurator.
30:01 Would Luke or Dan get Meta Verified?
30:51 Topic #3: Linus & Luke hate building PCs for people.
33:55 LetMeGPT, Linus on the youth's computing skills.
38:38 Luke on tech support, Linus's Athlon NCIX repair.
42:51 Luke on the lack of news this week.
43:34 Topic #4: Google & Meta impacted by Canada's Bill C-18.
48:50 Topic #5: Fantasian boss causes Linus to ragequit.
1:07:52 Mentioning Reddit post, Twitch's bugs idea.
1:09:22 Doomed to fail, boss difficulty, discussing BotW.
1:15:56 Luke quit TARKOV due to cheaters, g0at's clips.
1:33:18 Luke on cheating, Linus on game streaming.
1:39:34 Riot Games' Ring 0 freaks out about TARKOV AC.
1:40:42 Merch Messages #1.
1:41:06 Does being a fan make it difficult to be hired in LMG?
1:43:36 Is there a person you want to bring on the WAN Show?
1:46:00 Any tech to have in a studio student apartment?
1:48:28 Sponsors.
1:48:32 The Ridge wallet.
1:49:35 Squarespace site builder.
1:50:27 JumpCloud IT community.
1:51:21 Topic #6: Amazon buys One Medial for 3.9 Billion.
1:58:13 Topic #7: Apple activation unlock update.
2:01:54 Topic #8: China restricts access to AI tech.
2:12:11 Topic #9: YouTube releases 1080Premium.
2:14:12 Dubbing videos beta, Spanish LTT dub.
2:15:02 Podcasts upload time, WAN Show's runtime.
2:19:34 Topic #10: LTX 2023 tickets update.
2:21:01 BYOC tickets for sale in small waves.
2:21:43 Topic #11: Google accused of destroying evidence.
2:22:44 Merch Messages #2.
2:22:47 Expert in a language or proficient in many? Favorite language?
2:26:58 Most favorite LTX moment?
2:27:55 Thoughts on auto manufacturers not updating infotainment.
2:33:21 Educational tech for teaching our youth?
2:34:19 Average age of LMG's viewership.
2:39:06 Red flags when hiring people for LMG.
2:40:34 Floatplane is now hiring.
2:44:52 Red flags when hiring people for LMG.
2:52:34 Anything tech related Linus & Luke disagree on.
2:55:06 Thoughts on big company layoffs & rehiring?
2:57:44 Can LTT backpack store a full face motorcycle helmet?
2:58:07 Where Brian the electrician has been?
2:59:16 Biggest "we F'd up" moment and how did you fix it?
3:01:54 Most notable thing to spring out of LMG?
3:11:25 Are Linus's kids hobbies influenced by Linus's tech & hobby?
3:12:10 Google's quantum computing error connection.
3:12:45 What company's top-secret project would you want to see?
3:14:19 Thoughts on gyms installing ads in mirrors.
3:16:03 Line between sunk cost line & investing in an ecosystem?
3:17:36 Linus's katana, update on LTT screwdriver holster?
3:19:47 Why hire people with an engineering background?
3:21:29 One-on-one tech in education & its benefits?
3:27:56 Would Linus write an autobiography someday?
3:29:56 How does Linus survive without coffee?
3:30:32 Technology that labs decided not to test.
3:34:54 What watch does Linus wear? LTTStore shouting out.
3:35:47 Linus's SV650 bike update.
3:37:53 Did Linus have time with GDP Win 4 after SC video?
3:40:37 Will the way we build PCs ever change?
3:41:03 What would your hardware upgrade look like if you didn't have that?
3:45:35 Reason behind LMG not paying Gary.
3:48:55 Why do PC recycling stores seem to disappear?
3:49:24 Recommendation for VPN & password manager?
3:54:00 What are some kid things you had that kids nowadays don't have?
3:57:55 How did Linus deal with LTT's meteoric rise?
4:00:16 Should MMOs that shut down provide server codes?
4:00:23 Linus's AI counterpart on AtheneAIHeroes.
4:02:05 Anker alternative for battery banks & cables.
4:03:18 Outro.