The Level1 Show March 3 2023: The Wheelie Bins of Time

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Published on 3 Mar 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
0:49 - ChatGPT-style search represents a 10x cost increase for Google, Microsoft
1:36 - ChatGPT launches boom in AI-written e-books on Amazon
2:23 - OpenAI Is Using Media Websites To Train ChatGPT But CNN Says The Bot Needs A Paid License
3:33 - Microsoft brings Bing chatbot to phones after curbing quirks
3:50 - Bing Chatbot Names Foes, Threatens Harm and Lawsuits
4:27 - Microsoft to test Bing Chat tones, allows longer chat sessions
5:10 - Bing AI Now Shuts Down When You Ask About Its Feelings
6:49 - Microsoft's Bing plans AI ads in early pitch to advertisers
7:42 - Microsoft-backed OpenAI to let users customize ChatGPT
8:25 - JPMorgan restricts employee use of ChatGPT
9:05 - Sci-Fi Mag Pauses Submissions Amid Flood of AI-Generated Short Stories
10:11 - Almost-unbeatable AI comes to Gran Turismo 7
11:05 - Man beats machine at Go in human victory over AI
11:57 - Roblox Is Bringing Generative AI to Its Gaming Universe
13:19 - Vanderbilt University Staff Used ChatGPT To Write Email On MSU Shooting
13:56 - ‘Aims’: the software for hire that can control 30,000 fake online profiles
15:11 - Spotify launches ‘DJ,’ a new feature offering personalized music with AI-powered commentary
16:24 - NASA Mars orbiter reveals China’s Zhurong rover has not moved for months
17:40 - No, a piece of the sun didn't just 'break off'
18:51 - Astronomers Spot a Rogue Supermassive Black Hole, Hurtling Through Space Leaving Star Formation in its Wake
19:47 - Robots to do 39% of domestic chores by 2033, say experts
21:18 - Eat turnips and work more hours to afford food, environment secretary says
22:34 - China, Iran call on Taliban to end discrimination against women
23:03 - Cat with gang tattoos seeks new home after being rescued from Mexican prison
24:05 - Experts discover how zebra stripes work to thwart horsefly attacks
25:15 - Dallas Cops Rescue a Cute Little Animal But Aren't Sure if it is a Dog or a Coyote
26:03 - Lawmakers might ban dogs from sticking their heads out of car windows
27:19 - North Little Rock High School pivots to remote learning due to infiltration of bats
28:44 - ‘Incredibly intelligent, highly elusive’: US faces new threat from Canadian ‘super pig’
30:48 - After her former love went missing, Athena the golden eagle has a new mate
31:16 - Sour fight ends with FDA ruling soy and nut milks can still be called “milk”
32:27 - Wilson Created an Airless 3D-Printed Basketball of the Future
33:24 - 5th person confirmed to be cured of HIV
34:20 - Review found ‘falsified data’ in Stanford President’s research, colleagues allege
35:20 - Tetris movie trailer has spies, pixels, and an Apple TV Plus release date
36:31 - Police warn residents to ‘steer clear’ of man dressed in ‘creepy’ Cookie Monster costume terrorising Santa Cruz
37:39 - Man Shoots Philadelphia Store Manager Following Dispute Over Gravy, Police Say
38:24 - Heinz wants to find the man who survived nearly a month at sea with nothing but ketchup and seasonings to help him buy a new boat
39:29 - Serial killer fan Shaye Groves jailed for murdering boyfriend
41:05 - Psych hospital for Michigan's sickest children struggles to stop patient escapes
42:08 - Mystery sphere found on beach perplexes Japan
42:49 - Roald Dahl: Books by Matilda author rewritten to remove offensive terms
44:11 - Jeff Koons: Visitor breaks iconic Balloon Dog sculpture in Miami
45:36 - Wisconsin is the drunkest state in America, again
46:31 - Cow sex allegation leads man to kill fiancee
47:26 - Are you too fat for Universal’s new Mario Kart ride? The average American guy is
49:03 - Refuse firm Lord of the Bins ordered to change its name by Tolkien franchise
50:42 - Lord of the Rings New Movies Set at Warner Bros


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