Design Your Own Mixed Reality Game with VIVE Wave SDK

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Published on 26 Apr 2023, 21:02
Develop mixed reality games with HTC VIVE! Featuring Unity and Unreal Engine support, the VIVE Wave SDK for VIVE XR Elite makes it easy for game developers to create MR content tailored to a player's real-world environment. Find out how you can take advantage of VIVE Wave's APIs, plug-ins, and modules to design exciting gameplay experiences using VIVE XR Elite. With its RGB camera offering full color passthrough and a depth sensor that enables fast 3D mapping of the play area, VIVE XR Elite is far more than a standalone VR headset. Unleash its potential with VIVE Wave today!
Make your dream game a reality:
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Download the Jelbee MR here:

00:00 Opening
00:09 VIVE Wave SDK
02:15 First Demo Jalbee
03:28 Second Demo Shooting Game
04:38 ArUco Code as Anchor
05:22 MR Gasket

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