The Level1 Show May 9 2023: Utah Gets Even Saltier

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Published on 9 May 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:58 - White House Unveils Initiatives to Reduce Risks of AI
5:23 - White House to study employer tools that monitor workers
7:50 - DOJ Detected SolarWinds Breach Months Before Public Disclosure
9:40 - Washington passes law requiring consent before companies collect health data
10:46 - FTC proposes barring Meta from monetizing kids' data
13:30 - Montana’s Governor’s Changes To TikTok Ban Bill Would Ban All Social Media Entirely
14:51 - Colorado kills law that made it harder for cities to offer Internet service
16:36 - US tracking balloon spotted off coast of Hawaii
17:01 - Pornhub Blocks All of Utah From Its Site
17:49 - Searches for VPN Soar in Utah Amidst PornHub Blockage
19:11 - Wikipedia will not perform Online Safety Bill age checks
20:07 - EU urged to protect grassroots AI research or risk losing out to US
21:15 - OpenAI: ChatGPT back in Italy after meeting watchdog demands
22:15 - Amnesty International criticised for using AI-generated images
23:21 - China's AI industry barely slowed by US chip export rules
24:47 - Zimbabwe plans to launch digital currency backed by gold
25:27 - Ransomware attack forces Dallas to shut down courts, disrupts some 911 services
26:32 - Many Public Salesforce Sites are Leaking Private Data
27:36 - Promising Jobs at the U.S. Postal Service, ‘US Job Services’ Leaks Customer Data
29:09 - T-Mobile discloses 2nd data breach of 2023, this one leaking account PINs and more
30:03 - Ex-Uber exec Joe Sullivan sentenced to probation for data breach coverup


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