I'm sure you have questions..... - WAN Show May 19, 2023

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Published on 20 May 2023, 5:52
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Timestamps courtesy of Noki119 (what? thought he retired)
*0:00 Chapters.*
*0:48 Intro.*
*1:14 Topic #1: Linus, CEO of LMG, steps down.*
2:55 Linus's past suggestions for LMG solutions.
5:18 Luke on Teams notifs, Linus workshop on storyboarding.
10:56 Discussing writing knowledgebased articles.
11:48 Linus on disruptive shooting behavior, mentions SC.
14:05 "Chief Vision Officer." Discussing LMG teams.
16:53 Linus flabbergasted at MarkBench's progress.
21:03 Luke asks Linus about oversaturation.
23:51 Ideas for LTT Labs, SC update, RF chamber's cost.
27:28 Linus explains "moat building," quoting DMs about FP.
29:06 Community response, Linus on difficult administration.
*32:39 Topic #2: Free TV!...that spies on you.*
32:53 Specs, "smart screen."
34:01 Charged $500 if opting out of tracking
35:02 Linus on privacy concerns.
36:37 Adsupported V.S. business revenue.
40:24 Linus asks "What's next?"
44:38 Comment from a high listener
45:50 Linus on who these products target & costs of them.
47:14 Luke mentions loopholes with the TV agreement.
48:30 Linus recalls getting charged for overdraft.
*51:28 LTTStore's presale LABS #FIRST shirt & hoodie.*
53:26 LTTStore notebooks back in stock.
*53:32 Merch Messages #1.*
53:46 Someone you hired for Xrole, but was better at Yrole?
54:48 Thoughts on slow drop of 4070 laptop GPUs?
56:49 Would sponsors change?
*1:14:52 LTTStore screwdriver Noctua edition.*
1:16:48 Showcasing the screwdrivers in person.
1:19:52 Results of the closest poll ever.
1:23:47 Luke on how the CEO would handle leaks
*1:24:03 Topic #3: Schools struggle with ChatGPT.*
1:24:48 Chegg on ChatGPT hurting revenue.
1:25:36 "Plagiarism," Texas professor fails half of students.
1:27:25 Should schools be responding to AI?
1:30:26 Linus struggles with calling contacts.
*1:33:14 Topic #4: Imgur's NSFW & old content purge.*
1:34:48 Luke mentions Photobucket.
1:36:03 Something Awful Forum's response.
1:36:57 How should we be retaining internet history?
1:40:07 "Convert the moon into a server! NUKE THE MOON!"
*1:42:34 Sponsors.*
1:42:43 Zoho One integrated business system.
1:43:47 Brilliant STEM learning.
1:44:35 Kudos best card suggester.
*1:45:30 Luke disclaimer on nuking the moon.*
*1:45:46 Merch Messages #2 ft. Angry Dan.*
1:46:40 Would it matter if I like or finish a video on FP?
1:49:19 Which was first CVO Linus or CTO Luke?
1:51:19 Decision of overturning the CEO?
1:54:38 Is it possible to run an OS on a GPU's VRAM?
*1:56:29 Topic #5: Google's controversial domain extensions.*
1:57:32 Linus on Google Search, Luke shows file link V.S. domain.
1:59:56 Reasons for doing this, what is the point?
*2:03:50 Topic #6: Toyota exposes live location ft. Dad jokes*
*2:05:43 Topic #7: Roblox doesn't protect kids from ads.*
2:06:56 CARU's report, FTC complaint & Roblox's response.
2:08:42 Kids "budgeting," Luke on cosmetic costs.
2:10:44 Slapshot: Rebound, discussing skill V.S. gambling & rigging.
*2:16:30 Topic #8: Valve sued by Immersion*
2:17:26 Should Valve take this as a compliment?
*2:17:42 OCBASE/OCCT 20th "Stableversary" giveaway*
*2:18:52 Topic #9: Overwatch 2 cancels PvE mode.*
2:20:12 Luke on singleplayer games V.S. COOP.
*2:29:37 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show after "twilight."*
2:30:58 How did you get Terren to leave Intel?
2:34:40 Any project Linus is excited to work on? ft. Nuke fab.
2:37:48 Most costly things you misplaced or lost?
2:41:28 What will Terren Tong's role invideos?
2:42:28 What worried Linus the most when stepping down?
2:43:19 Thoughts on Kyle ending Bitwit?
2:46:50 Most challenging part of being a CVO?
2:48:04 Is cosplay allowed at LTX?
2:49:02 Favorite FP info that Linus leaked, and its downsides?
2:50:42 Defunct company you would revive?
2:54:48 time for non-LMG stuff?
2:56:10 Skillsets you'd like to improve on your new position?
2:58:01 What decisions would Terren disagree with?
2:59:55 How much of Linus' life should be on the show?
3:02:24 How much emphasis put on testing FP features?
3:04:40 Is putting a camera to monitor your computer too far?
3:11:18 What if new CEO wants to end WAN Show?
3:12:36 Do you see WAN Show outliving you as hosts?
3:22:46 Has LTT Labs always been the end goal of LTT?
3:23:24 Best memory Linus made with his Taycan?
3:25:26 What would past Linus think of LMG today?
3:29:28 How did Linus prepare?
3:31:32 What did Terren teach young Linus that stuck?
3:33:22 Linear, or diagonal growth?
3:37:00 Minimum age of life guarding has been lowered.
3:43:11 Are there any good selfhosted HTPC interfaces?
3:44:11 Any leadership minds that inspired you?
3:46:10 What if the new CEO stopped you from being who you are?
*3:46:28 Outro.*