What Happened This Week? - WAN Show November 10, 2023

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Published on 11 Nov 2023, 5:55
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
0:53 Intro
1:17 Topic #1 - Intel's Meteor Lake changes CPU branding once more
3:56 "1st Gen Core Ultra," discussing Intel's naming scheme
6:03 14th Gen benchmarks, cryo cooling technology discontinued
10:27 Linus recalls Swiftech, Luke shows Cooler Master's peltier tech
12:03 Problems with peltier, what Linus liked about it
16:30 Topic #2 - The Escapist's staff are resigning, including Yahtzee
18:33 Second Wind, recalling The Escapist firing 40% of staff for AI
24:41 Linus on the viability of The Escapist, Luke on ads & comments
33:17 Past gaming content, passion V.S. financial gain on YouTube
41:47 Luke's BestBuy friends site story, GameXplain, Carpoon, competitive YouTube content
47:05 Merch Messages #1
49:00 Have Linus's kids expressed interest in joining LMG?
53:37 Explain Intel's P & E cores? How does it decide to use which?
55:44 How do you feel about students not being able to tell what's a ZIP and a folder? ft. Luke's resume
1:23:06 Random Extra Things - Mario Kart's balance changes
1:30:10 LTTStore mystery color screwdrivers back in limited stock
1:30:35 LTTStore's Window post-it notes
1:32:50 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals temporary newsletter
1:34:35 3D down jacket promo - 4% chance to win a trip to LMG's HQ
1:37:14 Sponsor - SignalWire
1:38:25 Sponsor - Grammarly
1:39:14 Sponsor - UPDF
1:40:22 Luke's question on pointing out a sponsor is AI-powered
1:40:59 Topic #3 - OpenAI Dev Day, custom GPTs store, GPT-4 Turbo
1:42:33 Price decrease, commitment to pay for copyright & legal fees
1:43:28 Humane's AI pin, Linus on ex-Apple employees being cynical
1:45:37 Recalling Syng speaker, AI pin's pricing, Google Glasses
1:49:04 Luke on whether Linus is open to being wrong, HP laptop review
1:56:24 PC puck, Dan gets sent to VC investor jail
1:58:48 Luke on a anti R2R line in the video, light bypass, Google Glass
2:02:07 Google Clips, Luke asks about TF, last week's LAN party
2:11:54 Slapshot: Rebound, Luke being defense-minded yet is a God gamer
2:22:30 Elon Musk's xAI reveals Grok the chatbot, community mocks it
2:26:23 Amazon builds an AI model named Olympus
2:26:33 Samsung's Gauss translates audio and text locally on the S24
2:27:26 Merch Messages #2
2:28:31 Would Linus ask future Creator Warehouse to design a Pebble?
2:29:03 Labs progress, new testing stations since the FP exclusive?
2:32:38 How long until we get artificial general intelligence?
2:34:23 Topic #4 - Valve's Steam Deck specs uplift, 90Hz OLED
2:40:15 To launch on the 16th, might get backlogged
2:41:07 Topic #5 - Original backers of Streacom's case to receive a voucher
2:43:14 Linus recalls Chamberlain, now blocks unauthorized access
2:47:27 Home Assistant to remove myQ's integration, Chamberlain's owned brands
2:48:27 Topic #6 - Bored Ape Party used mercury UV light, hurts attendees
2:48:51 Linus was looking for UV lights for the LAN center
2:50:09 Topic #7 -LTT community's 3D printed projects
2:51:02 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, old roulette
2:52:32 Will the LTTStore sales also include shipping offers?
2:56:03 Any info as to why Google's Workplace doesn't work with GMail?
2:56:45 AU’s Optus was down for 18 hours - thoughts on our dependency on ISPs?
2:59:56 Was Linus making his home smart worth it?
3:00:19 Any memorable midnight game releases you went through?
3:04:33 What was Luke's transition to manager-type position like?
3:11:40 Any tips for maintaining all extra worlds in ANNO 1800?
3:14:40 A better way to play a TV in a different room?
3:15:13 Thoughts on 200CC as an avid Mario Karts player?
3:16:48 How come Lenovo is rarely covered on LTT's videos?
3:18:10 Which name Linus prefers for FFVI - Tina, Terra or does it not matter?
3:18:24 Recently engaged, any advice on the wedding day?
3:24:06 What other FF games has Linus played besides FFVI?
3:25:30 How does Linus decide what media to consume in his free time?
3:25:56 Thoughts on the OC remix versions of FFVI?
3:26:41 What do you want to see from the live action Legend of Zelda?
3:27:26 What tech brands or IPs would you want to collab with LTTStore?
3:29:34 Outro
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