Motorola RAZR+ After the Buzz: Worth it in 2024?

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Published on 20 Jun 2024, 0:00
One of the most futuristic-feeling phones I've used in the past year doesn't have the best-looking display or the latest chip, or outstanding battery life, or even a particularly great camera.

The device I'm talking about has been Moto's flagship clamshell since it launched in the summer of 2023. And with a 2024 refresh now on the cards, the price has taken a significant dip down to just under $650. So with a year of context behind us and a lower price, it's time to see how the Razr+ is shaping up.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Design / Hardware
2:36 Software
5:17 Photography / Video
6:25 Battery / Areas to Improve
7:14 Wrap-up


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