NEW Kia EV6 GT: drift mode, acceleration and handling test

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Published on 16 Sep 2022, 16:07
We review the new Kia EV6 GT - is this the ultimate all-round electric car?

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The electric car power war shows no signs of slowing. Even relatively unassuming family SUVs now boast upwards of 400bhp, matched with mind-bending torque, big batteries, and dual-motors for all-wheel drive. Next in line for a performance boost is the Kia EV6, with this flagship GT model.

A 577bhp dual motor setup makes it the firm's most powerful car ever, with acceleration to rival Porsche’s Taycan GTS - a car that costs much more than £100,000. The EV6 GT also gets retuned suspension, a limited slip differential and beefier brakes, but how do these ingredients translate on a race track?

Yousuf Ashraf and Nicola Hume headed to Llandow Circuit to test the EV6 GT's performance, handling and acceleration, while exploring some of motoring's burning questions. For example, can a fast EV beat a small hatchback in a drag race while driving in reverse? Was Carroll Shelby telling the truth about his famous dollar bill trick? And how easy is it to pull off a controlled powerslide using the Kia's Drift Mode? Watch this video to find out.

00:00 A 577bhp Kia?
1:08 Twenty pound note challenge
3:02 Reverse drag race
5:53 Performance and handling test
11:37 Does Drift Mode work?

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