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I was too poor to afford this
Treat your feet with Vessi! Save 15% on your first order at vessi.com/LinusTechTips Check out Ridge’s Father’s Day sale at ridge.com/LINUS Sometimes PC DREAMS DO become reality!
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Most Inspiring Historical Figures for Adam Savage
Tested member @RyanPeck asked Adam Savage, "When you think back on makers in history, like Nikola Tesla, Ben Franklin and other historical makers, do any stand out as a bigger inspiration?" Why, yes!
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How to play Nintendo Games on your iPhone! 🤯
Playing Nintendo Games on your iPhone via Delta Emulator!
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Meet Redmi Pad Pro | Fun Made Bigger
Bigger upgrades, bigger fun! Three vibrant colors and endless possibilities await with the all-new #RedmiPadPro! Check it out now!
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Drone Shooting Techniques – DIY in 5 Ep 223
Learning how to fly a drone is just one aspect of getting jaw-dropping drone footage: special drone shooting techniques are key to getting the most out of your camera.
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Epic Tips x Galaxy S24 Ultra: AI interpreter even in Airplane mode ✈️☁️ | Samsung
Ask the local sitting next to you on the plane for travel recommendations. AI interpreter works seamlessly even in Airplane mode, thanks to on-device AI on the #GalaxyS24 Ultra.
21 hour 0:58
What are eye and face tracking in VR? 👀
Learn more about eye and facial tracking in VR and why these technologies are so beneficial. #vr #facetracking #virtualreality
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Epic Tips x Galaxy S24 Ultra: Malware blocked with Auto Blocker | Samsung
Received a suspicious message? 😈 Turn on Auto Blocker and it will keep your #GalaxyS24 Ultra safe from unauthorized access. Learn more: samsung.com #SamsungKnox #Samsung
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YL-102 YL-103 Drift RC Car - Shop on Banggood
【Product Link】 ban.ggood.vip/14TJM 🔍Key Features ●High speed drift,cool tail flick,easy remote control,you can show cool drift ●Large capacity lithium battery ●Wear-resistant and
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Zeblaze Btalk 3 Plus Smart Watch - Shop on Banggood
Pre-order now for new arrival discounts!
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Fonson Tools X180C 3-in-1 Self-centering Doweling Jig Kits - Shop on Banggood
【Product Link】 ban.ggood.vip/14TJF 🔍Key Features - Perfect Tool for DIY: 3 in 1 locator punch tool is perfect as a DIY woodworking tool kit, mainly used for home repair or DIY, handyman
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FOSSiBOT F106 Pro 4G Rugged Smartphone - Shop on Banggood
🎁Coupon Code: BGbcb0f9 🎁Price: $193.15 Shop Here: ban.ggood.vip/14TJU 🔍Key Features ●Network 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 4G: LTE-FDD
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Draw your website!
Learn how to build a web application that allows users to generate html code from wireframes and prompts that the user enters using Vertex AI Generative AI Models.
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A day in the life of an engineer!
Imagine you are in a situation where you have documents containing complex graphs or diagrams packed with information and you want to extract this data to answer questions or queries.
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