1 hour 8:45
RAZR+ Impressions: Is This What You Wanted?
Motorola's folding phone feels like the beginning of a second generation in 1 (huge) way MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com Tech I'm using right now: amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro
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8 hours 11:47
The Color Changing CPU Cooler 🤯
Cooler Master is taking some pretty crazy steps forwards in CPU cooling technology. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 - Cooler Master isn't What you Think 0:49 - Understanding Mobius 1:31 - ITX Champ?
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19 hours 8:12
Thermaltake Needs to Fix This NOW!
Thermaltake air coolers go from entry level to high end but there's one small problem with almost all of them.
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19 hours 10:30
Windows 11 June 2023 Update - Official Release Demo (Moment 3)
The second feature drop for Windows 11 in 2023 has landed. Here's a look at the most notable new features, which will be rolling out to all users on June 13.
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6 hours 8:59
Backwards Cable Management is...AMAZING??
Cable management for gaming PCs is taking a big step in the right direction with new cases and motherboards.
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19 hours 6:00
WWDC 2023 With MORE Hardware? 🤔 iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Changr & more
On Pocketnow Daily, rumors of Google's Pixel Watch 2 start painting the picture the first generation variant should've had.
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5 hours 7:33
Is This the Best Soldering Stand?
Here's a quick tool recommendation for a third hand system that's quickly become our favorite soldering stand for small workspaces.
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22 hours 6:04
Computex 2023: Intel at ASRock - New Z790 Boards, and More!
Wendell checks out all things Intel at ASRock's Booth, with a little more cool Intel stuff on the side! Thanks again ASRock!
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11 hours 3:17
Antec Is Going White! | Computex 2023
Check out the latest from Antec: Performance 1 FT: bit.ly/3TTg7jl P20C ARGB: bit.ly/43uj8dy P20C White: bit.ly/3opLmrf Storm T3 120mm & 140mm: bit.ly/3qfvasU Check Out My Other
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1 hour 4:26
Why Volcanoes Make Good Fossils
In 1990, fossil collectors in South Dakota stumbled across a dinosaur that turned out to be a really big deal. Not just because it was a T.
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12 hours 10:01
A.I. Is Becoming Mind-Blowing
We tried some basic Ai generative stuff to find out how easy it has become.
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17 hours 0:29
Ultra Slim Soundbar: Ultra slim yet powerful | Samsung
It looks ultra slim, but unleashes sound powerful enough to immerse your entire space.
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1 hour 7:02
Passive Cooling just got REAL.
The Streacom SG10 is a passively cooled case that can handle up to 600W of thermal dissipation and it is absolutely incredible.
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4 hours 0:54
NO WAY its this cheap...
No way its this cheap... Streacom and NCASE with a LEGENDARY Collab! Follow us for more updates!
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5 hours 7:56
Checking Out The Fractal Terra: The Most Innovative SFF Case We've Seen?
********************************** Check us out online at the following places!
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5 hours 0:28
Official Trailer Bespoke Life 2023 l Samsung
We invite you to Bespoke Life 2023 where the innovations that enrich your life with Bespoke is set to be unveiled. Tune in LIVE on June 7 at 16:00 CEST (23:00 KST 10:00 EDT).
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12 hours 0:26
Don’t pass on gaming paradise | Samsung
We can’t guarantee your win, but Xbox Game Pass guarantees you 100+ epic games directly from your Samsung TV. Doesn’t that sound like para, para, paradise?
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6 hours 0:51
Play, connect, and explore with new Android features
Android keeps getting better and better. Here’s how Android's latest features and updates are helping you learn new skills, protect your devices, explore the world around you and more.
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20 hours 0:56
Generating Modern Masterpieces: MoMA Dreams Become a Reality
Multimedia artist and director, Refik Anadol and Museum of Modern Art curators, Michelle Kuo and Paola Antonelli discuss the evolution of technology in the making of modern art.
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8 hours 0:33
Go explore Hong Kong and Shoot Like A Pro
Learn from the lovely couple (IG: @Casal Rec) about how to shoot videos during vacation using #Xiaomi13Pro without a stabilizer.
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23 hours 1:04
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6 hours 0:52
What developer do you look up to?
Some of our most iconic devs share what developers they look up to. From Laurence Moroney to Nick Butcher see who inspires the devs that inspire you!
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2 hours 6:20
MediaTek Partners With NVIDIA to Transform Automobiles With AI and Accelerated Computing
Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO and co-founder, joins executives from MediaTek, an innovator in connectivity and multimedia, to announce a partnership that will bring new AI-infused experiences to the
5 hours 8:26
Visio Plans | Microsoft 365
Learn about the different Visio plans available to you and your organization.
23 hours 1:02
Data Centered: Eastern Oregon | Amazon Web Services
Fourth grade friends and small business owners, rodeo athletes, singer songwriters, robotics whiz kids, star bakers and inspirational teachers.
4 hours 3:09
#WeArePlay | Tessa and Saasha | Olio | UK
Meet Tessa and Saasha from the UK, best friends and co-founders of Olio. The app helps millions fight waste by giving-away, sharing or selling food and household items.
21 hour 17:01
Key steps in the IT modernization journey to the cloud | Amazon Web Services
The panelists discuss on how the collaboration between telecom operators, such as e&, network equipment providers, such as Ericsson and AWS cloud can accelerate the digital transformation for e& and
3 hours 0:59
ABCs of #AI - B is for BERT
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence using the Alphabet. Today, B for BERT.
2 hours 1:02
How to use Loop components in Teams | Microsoft 365 TimeSavers
In this edition of Microsoft 365 TimeSavers, learn how to use Loop components to collaborate in colleagues in Microsoft Teams.
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