19 hours 22:09
This TINY TV Costs $20,000
and use offer code LTT for 10% off Signup for a Hetzner server and use code LTT24 to save €20 at: htznr.li/LTT2402 The XMP550 QD OLED mastering monitor from Flanders Scientific is here
800 470
19 hours 14:16
Unboxing the $2500 Wilson Airless Gen1 Basketball
Is the Wilson Airless Gen1 Basketball the future of basketballs? Save on the Paperlike Pro Bundle Here: paperlike.com/unbox Thanks to Paperlike for partnering on this video.
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22 hours 13:36
What Happened to C-3PO's Original Costume?
Adam gets up close to some very special pieces of Star Wars history: C-3PO costume pieces that are part of Anthony Daniels' personal collection, going up for auction in the upcoming Propstore
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20 hours 31:14
Framework 16 Unboxing and Review
A laptop that you can build and fix yourself, the Framework 16 is the future of personal technology!
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11 hours 0:18
Look out below! Gain sky-high storage with microSD Card EVO Plus | Samsung
Look out below! From drones to smartphones and beyond, expand your storage easily and affordably with the microSD Card EVO Plus #MemoryCard by #SamsungMemory. #EVOPlus #microSDcard #Samsung
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8 hours 37:41
The Level1 Show February 23 2024: Accosted By Acorns
one-tab.com/page/Ig64II0kQdqc1VGuOy5PDg 0:00 - Intro 0:26 - OpenAI working on web search product 1:01 - OpenAI CEO warns that 'societal misalignments' could make artificial
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23 hours 0:07
ZAP! You’re now in light mode. ⚡
Raise your hand if you want dark mode to be the default. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Subscribe to Google for Developers → goo.gle/developers Speaker: _Not Listed; Products Mentioned: _Not Listed;
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22 hours 6:50
How Google Search crawls pages
Discover the steps that go into how Google Search “crawls" or finds and fetches web pages to display on Search, from URL discovery to fetching and rendering.
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20 hours 2:06
Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro Unboxing
Check out all the available coupons and get a discount on the product featured in this video here: bit.ly/3EQlf0f Subscribe to our: facebook.com/Geekbuyingfans
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18 hours 5:34
Fun & powerful: Intro to Chrome DevTools #DevToolsTips
In this video, Jecelyn will walk you through the basics of getting started and tips for Chrome DevTools.
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20 hours 8:54
Serverless Generative AI
Find out how to build a serverless application that uses generative AI!
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6 hours 0:16
Step into the world of #XiaomiHyperOS!
Xiaomi – 23 Feb 2024, 6:54
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20 hours 0:55
How Archivi.ng is making news more accessible
In this video, we interview the Project Lead for Archivi.ng, giving us a glimpse into how their enterprise digitizes archival materials with Google Workspace and the Vision API.
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2 hours 0:16
Epic Tips x Galaxy S24 Ultra: Start Quick Sharing with Android today | Samsung
Quick Share offers seamless sharing across Galaxy (and non-Galaxy) devices. Transfer photos, videos, and more effortlessly across platforms. Start Quick Sharing now, also with Android devices.
19 hours 0:49
How does Google Search crawl a web page?
Crawling is how Google Search finds and fetches web pages to display on Search. Watch the full length video for the deeper dive! Speaker: Gary Illyes; Products Mentioned: Search Relations;
20 hours 0:36
Eating together eating alone Find some friends to eat, chat and laugh with today 🥪🥗 #Shorts
Try Gmail for yourself → goo.gle/4aIMNUH What is Google Workspace → goo.gle/3tEX185 Set up Google Workspace → goo.gle/3NPmqTp Follow Google Workspace on X →
18 hours 4:40
How to Get the Most Out of VRChat with VIVE Ultimate Tracker
Full-body tracking in VRChat is a game-changer! Find out how you can use HTC VIVE's standalone VR trackers to do even more with your avatar.
15 hours 0:31
For when words aren't enough 😉 #Shorts
Try Gmail for yourself → goo.gle/4aIMNUH What is Google Workspace → goo.gle/3tEX185 Set up Google Workspace → goo.gle/3NPmqTp Follow Google Workspace on X →
19 hours 1:00
Artist Laci Jordan Talks Art, Inspo, and #BHM
This #BlackHistoryMonth, we partnered with renowned multidisciplinary artist Laci Jordan to turn our feed into her vision.
15 hours 1:48
Konecta and AWS: A Generative AI-driven Approach to Elevating Customer Experience
We'll hear from Konecta executives about how the company is embracing an AI-driven approach to transform customer experience and support clients on their own AI journeys.
18 hours 4:19
Back to Basics: Modernizing Legacy Applications Using a Hybrid Database Architecture
AWS Enterprise customers frequently have legacy applications that support critical business functions. This is especially common in traditional companies undergoing a Digital Transformation process.
20 hours 20:31
Getting Started with AWS Entity Resolution Integration with TransUnion | Amazon Web Services
Power more targeted audience creation and segmentation using enriched customer records with AWS Entity Resolution and TransUnion TruAudience Identity matching.
21 hour 32:56
AWS Innovation with FOX Sports México | Innovation Ambassadors
In this episode of Innovation Ambassadors, we feature FOX Sports México, the leading multi-platform sports media brand in Mexico, providing unique sports entertainment experiences to fans.
22 hours 2:14
HellasQCI and Nokia lead way to the future of Quantum-Safe Networks
Together with HellasQCI, the Greek National Quantum Communication Infrastructure Consortium, Nokia successfully demonstrated hybrid key generation using both classic and quantum physics to generate
20 hours 20:01
Getting Started with AWS Entity Resolution Integration with LiveRamp | Amazon Web Services
Unlock the power of your data to better connect, analyze, and build personalized experiences for marketing and advertising use cases with AWS Entity Resolution and LiveRamp RampIDs.
22 hours 0:53
Telco-centric generative AI assistant integrated with NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome
NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome is a security orchestration software suite designed to expedite threat detection and response.
20 hours 12:54
Getting Started with AWS Entity Resolution Integration with Unified ID 2.0 | Amazon Web Services
Enhance campaign execution and measurement using AWS Entity Resolution and open-source Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) to deliver relevant, personalized advertising campaigns.
5 hours 0:59
HC 810 RC Boat - Shop on Banggood
【Product Link】 ban.ggood.vip/14Gs9 🔍Key Features - Innovate physical balance structure, the ship will not turn over. - Using a high-power lithium battery, the charging time is short.
22 hours 24:57
Introduction to GenAI RAG #186 | Embracing Digital Transformation | Intel Business
In part two of his interview with Eduardo Alvarez, Darren explores the use of GenAI LLMs and RAG (Retrieval Augmentation Generation) techniques to help organizations leverage the latest advancements
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