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The Color Temperature Paradox
to try everything Brilliant has to offer for free for a full 30 days, and also get 20% off your annual premium subscription!
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Adam Savage Repairs His Lathe's Magnetic Chuck!
In the process of machining the parts of his miniature vault build, Adam has scratched and marred up the surface of his lathe's magnetic chuck.
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20 hours 2:56
Galaxy Z Fold6: Craftsmanship behind the foldable display | Samsung
Introducing the technology behind the Galaxy Z Fold6's display. With new materials, the display has been upgraded to provide our most advanced and durable screen ever.
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19 hours 6:48
Behind The Scenes at the OnePlus Summer Event
SuperSaf goes behind the scenes with OnePlus at their Summer Launch Event in Milan, Italy.
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8 hours 14:58
We tried them! BEST LG TV in 2024!
➡️ Start 3D printing with the Bambu Lab A1 3D Printer - shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=2485357&u=3718457&m=138211&urllink=&afftrack= #bambulab #bambulabA1 #makerworld #bambustudio #bambulabp1s
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17 hours 8:06
A friendly guide to Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 | Samsung
Galaxy AI is here to help you create, connect, and achieve more than ever.
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22 hours 3:31
Galaxy Watch Ultra: How to use the Quick Button | Samsung
Ready for a workout? Skip swipes, taps and jump right into it with the Quick Button. Check out how to set it up on your watch for instant access to workouts, flashlight, Water Lock mode and more.
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19 hours 0:35
Galaxy Z Fold6: Note Assist | Samsung
Introducing a new way of note-taking and summarizing, all in one place. Record and summarize with Note Assist on the Galaxy Z Fold6—and unleash your productivity.
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16 hours 9:23
A friendly guide to Galaxy Watch Ultra, Watch7 and Buds3 Pro | Samsung
Push your limits. Balance your fitness. Hear the difference.
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17 hours 1:27
There’s a new way to Play
A new way to Play is here! Find games based on your interests, access your go-to app content in one place, and get new shortcuts to the things you love. Go find your thing! Go Play.
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2024's Pool Robot Flagships! - Aiper Scuba S1 -vs- Scuba S1 Pro - Review & Comparison (Top Tier)
🔥 Scuba S1: bit.ly/4f0uJrg | amzn.to/3WfYNYN + code “TECHM5OFF” / Scuba S1 Pro: bit.ly/45Yy7yO |
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23 hours 2:27
Galaxy Z Flip6: How to use FlexCam and Instant Slow-mo | Samsung
Ready to make your best moments shine? Capture shots hands-free from the optimal angle with FlexCam. Then, film with Instant Slow-mo for an epic and dramatic footage of your highlights.
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21 hour 1:31
Galaxy Watch Ultra: How to use Power Saving Mode | Samsung
Gear up with the Galaxy Watch Ultra for up to 100 hours of adventure. Instantly switch between Power Saving Mode and Exercise Power Saving Mode for your multi-day journey.
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Pager | Compose Tips
Easily add the Pager composable to your apps to get out of the box, delightful gestures on paged content.
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40Gbps M.2 USB 4/Thunderbolt Hub? YES PLEASE! Acasis 6-in-1 NVMe SSD Case/Dock Benchmark
Whokeys Back to School Sale 25% code: TS25 Windows 11 Pro a $23: biitt.ly/Bfj6E Windows 10 Pro a $17: biitt.ly/XNQ7G Windows 10 Home a $15: biitt.ly/Lcum9 Windows 11 Home a
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Widen your creativity with ViewFinity I Samsung
Find the space to flourish on a wider hi-res screen. Find out more at samsung.com #Olympics #HighResolution #ViewFinity #Samsung
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18 hours 0:36
Galaxy Z Flip6: Chat Assist | Samsung
Have quick and easy conversations instantly. Suggested Replies with Chat Assist on the Galaxy Z Flip6 offers you contextually relevant, optimal responses.
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17 hours 0:53
Can you match Christopher Lloyd's coding skill? Let's find out.
Submissions for the Gemini API Developer API Competition are still open. Will you win the all electric DeLorean?
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16 hours 23:00
Advanced Insights Ep. 5: Deirdre Hanford on U.S. Semiconductor Innovation
Deirdre Hanford, CEO and Trustee of Natcast, and Mark Papermaster discuss their work on the IAC committee, the importance of public-private partnership and Natcast’s plans to advance research
21 hour 0:13
Play music and shoot in the water DOOGEE S punk #phone #tech #doogee
Official Store: doogeemall.com Germany Shop: de.doogee.cc Mexico Shop: mx.doogee.cc Tiktok: tiktok.com/@doogeeglobal Facebook(English)
6 hours 0:54
Solve for Tomorrow: Bugs Can Save the Planet | Samsung
See how Solve for Tomorrow US winners are using bugs to save the planet by turning trash into treasure.
21 hour 0:11
Play music and shoot in the water DOOGEE S punk #phone #tech #doogee
Official Store: doogeemall.com Germany Shop: de.doogee.cc Mexico Shop: mx.doogee.cc Tiktok: tiktok.com/@doogeeglobal Facebook(English)
14 hours 0:49
Draft your emails in Google Docs with the email building block! 📧✨ #Shorts
Try Google Docs for yourself → goo.gle/4bVN2LB What is Google Workspace → goo.gle/46pvpmj Set up Google Workspace → goo.gle/3SfchkX Subscribe to Google Workspace
14 hours 0:32
Step into the Future with AR Gestures on HTC U24 pro
🎉✨ Get ready to level up your photos and videos! With our gesture-Triggered AR Stickers, fun emojis drop right onto your screen! 🙌💖 Bring your friends along—supporting up to 4 hands for even more fun!
6 hours 1:00
Solve for Tomorrow: Recycled Plastic, Recovered Life | Samsung
Meet the winners of Solve for Tomorrow Peru who are making a tangible difference in the lives of stroke patients by turning recycled plastic into splints.
12 hours 1:07
Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification
In this video you will learn how to allow users in your organization to turn on 2SV to better protect the security of their account.
14 hours 14:16
Implementing a scalable shared framework for RAG based workflows | Amazon Web Services
In this video, you will learn how to implement a scalable and reusable framework for RAG-based workflows.
21 hour 0:20
Play music and shoot in the water DOOGEE S punk #phone #tech #doogee
Official Store: doogeemall.com Germany Shop: de.doogee.cc Mexico Shop: mx.doogee.cc Tiktok: tiktok.com/@doogeeglobal Facebook(English)
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