9 hours 15:46
I’m Embarrassed I Didn’t Think of This.. - Asynchronous Reprojection
Get up to 25% Off Pulseway's IT Management Software at  lmg.gg/PulsewayLTT Save up to *40% off and get Free Worldwide Shipping until Dec.
702 631
13 hours 6:37
Why Penrose Tiles Never Repeat
The first 200 people to brilliant.org/minutephysics get 20% off an annual premium subscription to Brilliant. Thanks to Brilliant for their support.
115 691
10 hours 12:23
How to Avoid Mistakes With a Unique Tile Backsplash
I wanted a super unique design for a tile backsplash but I needed to put time into the prep to make it right! Save 40% on your SimpliSafe system. Visit SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to customize yours!
34 670
12 hours 16:21
Adam Savage Meets an Apollo Program Training Spacesuit!
Adam returns to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Conservation Lab to examine astronaut Frank Borman's Apollo training suit!
20 905
7 hours 16:27
Is 128GB of DDR5 IMPOSSIBLE on AM5? Level1 Investigates!
Check out the forum thread here: forum.level1techs.com/t/7950x-i-want-4x32gb-unless-it-sucks-does-it-suck/189825 ********************************** Check us out online at the following
15 308
1 hour 8:51
Ask Adam Savage: When's the Hardest Adam Has Ever Laughed?
When does the tool buying stop? What's the funniest thing that ever happened to Adam?
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10 hours 0:55
Top 3 TECH Kickstarters 🤩
#Shorts Top 3 TECH Kickstarters 🚨 TikTok - bit.ly/ZoTTikTok 😁 Subscribe - goo.gl/yMWV8c 🤳 Instagram - instagram.com/ZONEofTECH 🐤 Twitter - twitter.com/ZONEofTECH 📘
5 182
10 hours 0:34
New on Android: Reading mode, YouTube widget, Wear OS tiles and more
Android's newest features for expression and entertainment add powerful new tools to create, capture, and share your holiday magic from more devices than ever before.
4 413
10 hours 0:46
Reading mode: A more accessible screen reading experience on Android
To help everyone catch up on the latest content, the new Reading mode on Android creates a more accessible reading experience that’s especially useful for people who are blind, low vision, or
2 182
13 hours 8:11
Code Jam 2022 World Finals problem walkthrough - Wonderland Chase
Join Salma Mustafa, a Site Reliability Engineer, and Melisa Halsband, a Software Engineer at Google for a problem walkthrough and analysis on "Wonderland Chase" from the 2022 Code Jam World Finals.
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10 hours 0:28
Amazon CodeCatalyst | Amazon Web Services
Amazon CodeCatalyst brings together everything you need to plan, code, build, test, & deploy applications on #AWS. Learn more at go.aws/3gL0kEq.
10 hours 3:53
Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC GPU- The perfect choice for Performance & Price
Professor Science explains the Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC – a desktop graphics card ready to play, create and stream now—and into the future.
14 hours 2:51
How to structure a video to get more views
Maximize your TikTok videos’ potential for capturing views with tried-and-true video structuring tips. Learn how to deploy hooks, calls to action, and more with your TikTok videos.
3 hours 9:55
How to design a serverless app
In a previous video ( goo.gle/3GXFBro) Martin and Sara discussed how to design a user interface for a YouTube comment tracking app.
10 hours 1:12
A to Z
There's still time to save on last-minute holiday gifts at Amazon.
7 hours 2:22
Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace
Having issues while sending emails through Gmail while having Google Workspace? You may be affected by a Gmail sending limit .
13 hours 0:34
Uploading Powerpoint file into Google Slides 🔋 #Shorts
#GoogleWorkspace makes it easy to import your documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations while making them more accessible to more collaborators.
15 hours 0:53
Doogee T10 - Bigger Screen, More Power, and Better Performance
The much talked about Doogee T10 is the first tablet designed by Doogee.
8 hours 1:52
Turn on or off additional Google Services
Need to manage access to additional Google Services? As a Google Workspace administrator, you can manage how these services are used with Google Workspace accounts with the On or Off controls.
5 hours 1:48
How to use Google Drive for Desktop
Need to keep your Drive information updated across your computers, or need easier access locally to your files? In this video, you will learn how to install Drive for Desktop.
7 hours 23:41
Lightning Talk: Deep Causal Learning
Join Microsoft Research at NeurIPS 2022 for the live streaming of presentations and demos from Booth #202.
22 hours 0:50
An introduction to resources in Terraform #Shorts
Most infrastructures consist of several different elements, or resources. Check out this Terraform short to learn what resources are in the Terraform environment, and how to configure them.
7 hours 3:58
How to setup the data migration service
Need to migrate email, contacts or calendar to your Google Workspace account?
10 hours 16:15
Lightning Talk: Pact: Perception-action causal transformer for autoregressive robotics pre-training
Join Microsoft Research at NeurIPS 2022 for the live streaming of presentations and demos from Booth #202.
19 hours 2:32
Tutustu Miiaan! Meet Miia from Tampere, Finland (in Finnish)
Tapaa Miia joka vetää R&D yksikköä meidän Tampereen kampuksella! Mikä on pitänyt Miian motivoituneena pysymään Nokialla vuodesta toiseen?
9 hours 15:52
Lightning Talk: A deep learning approach to recover conditional independence graphs
Join Microsoft Research at NeurIPS 2022 for the live streaming of presentations and demos from Booth #202.
13 hours 2:37
Meet Miia from Tampere, Finland
Get to know Miia from our Tampere Site, who leads research and development for network management. Would you like to be a part of #TeamNokiaFinland?
6 hours 21:21
Azure Container for PyTorch: An optimized container for large scale distributed training workloads
Join Microsoft Research at NeurIPS 2022 for the live streaming of presentations and demos from Booth #202.
6 hours 3:32
Send emails from a different address or alias
You own another mail address and want to send using that address from Gmail? You can easily configure different emails and use the option “Send mail as” when composing an email.
7 hours 1:36
How to access DNS settings in the Admin Console
Need to access your domain’s DNS settings? If you purchased your domain while signing up for Google Workspace, you can access your DNS settings through your Admin console.
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