I'm Re-building My PC (BIGRED) - Part 1

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Published on 2 Mar 2019, 17:54
Finally decided to rebuild BIGRED because of reasons...
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i9-7980XE: amzn.to/2NuOPh5
ASUS Rampage VI APEX: bit.ly/2ExADkC
Corsair H115I RGB Platnium: amzn.to/2tDRps8
Nvidia RTX 2080TI: amzn.to/2BVhB5U
Corsair AX1600i: amzn.to/2Vn87I5
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB: amzn.to/2tDEaYg
Corsair LL120mm Fans (White): bit.ly/2ICUXFq
Corsair Commander Pro: bit.ly/2BT7rTD
Nvidia NVLINK Bridge: amzn.to/2Nt5wcQ
Rajintek PAEN: bit.ly/2VmsFk0
INTEL Optane SSD 905P: amzn.to/2VkNeNw
UK Links:
i9-7980XE: amzn.to/2Nwp2oF
ASUS Rampage VI APEX: amzn.to/2BTvba9
Corsair H115I RGB Platinum: amzn.to/2BTvBgJ
Nvidia RTX 2080TI: amzn.to/2Ex3vJL
Corsair AX1600i: amzn.to/2EftCn3
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB: amzn.to/2GQGhRt
Corsair LL120mm Fans: amzn.to/2BQGtMg
Corsair Commander Pro: amzn.to/2Exdq1U
Nvidia NVLINK Bridge: amzn.to/2EfSoDw
Rajintek PAEN: amzn.to/2ExubKA
INTEL Optane SSD 905P: amzn.to/2EyOCqA
CA Links:
i9-7980XE: amzn.to/2NsljJ3
ASUS Rampage VI APEX: bit.ly/2GKRUZV
Corsair H115I RGB Platinum: amzn.to/2U9KUc7
Nvidia RTX 2080TI: amzn.to/2BTwQwp
Corsair AX1600i: amzn.to/2ExuYv2
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB: amzn.to/2Xr7dMG
Corsair LL120mm Fans: amzn.to/2TcSfun
Corsair Commander Pro: amzn.to/2tBinAH
Nvidia NVLINK Bridge: amzn.to/2XoJZXn
INTEL Optane SSD 905P: amzn.to/2Xr0wtJ