WalkingPad X21 Unboxing & Review

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Published on 9 Apr 2022, 11:25
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The New Art of Folding, Thin Body Allowing Repeated Folding

Transcendent of the existing 180° folded form, enabling 90 degrees repeated folding, the thin body demonstrates innovative technology.

Enjoy Free Running, Multi-gear Speed Regulation

0.5-12km/h multi-gear adjustment allows you to adjust your running speed in real-time according to your running state.

Foot sense control speed: uniform speed, deceleration, acceleration three induction areas.

Enjoy New Light Running, Plus Intelligent Voice Linkage Control

Give instruction to the DuerOS speaker and the treadmill will start, stop, control speed, and save you the trouble of moving your hand for manipulation.

Industrial Aesthetic Design Experience, Hidden LED Digital Display Screen

Integral panel design shows, when still, only the surface of the machine with exquisite appearance, but the data of LED digital display screen after starting.

Integral Aluminum Alloy frame Structure, Pretty Appearance, Refined Core

38kg Net weight, 110kg Load-bearing.

Featuring an integral aluminum alloy frame structure, a black body that is luxurious and steady, a balanced beauty between design aesthetics and a sense of strength, improved stability, and durability.

Home-based Star-level Runway, Featuring Intimate Strength Configuration

460x1210mm Large running area.

Featuring a four-layer professional running track structure, restore real foot feeling when running, and enables more conformable and safer exercise.

Free Running Upstairs, Quiet Sleeping Downstairs

Featuring 1HP Surging horsepower high-efficiency brushless motor, stable power output.

75dB sound of no-load test run at full speed, allowing full energy running without worrying about disturbing the downstairs neighbors.

No Installation, Ready at One Go Perfect for Urban Fitness

Integrative design for worry saving, unpack the box and you can use it.

More Creative Design, More Focus on Details

High-strength wear-resisting wheel: made of wear-resistant PP materials.

Detachable pallet: easy to get fixed in place, no fear of bumps.

One-button switch: red, bold detail design.

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