Google Pixel 6a Three Weeks Later - Still the HERO!

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Published on 6 Aug 2022, 20:16
This is the Google Pixel 6a, but it's also NOT what I think many of us have come to expect..

See, we’ve known this Pixel “a” series as the company’s most successful lineup ever, but it’s also more of a nod to the past. Just like the early days of the Pixel, the Nexus also started as a premium offering, only for things to not pan out, and for the company to shift strategies with the Nexus 4 in creating the world’s first flagship killer.

In sort-of the same approach, the Pixel 3a was a genius move. Instead of only focusing on one phone, you could choose between flagship and mid-ranger, with the benefit that great photography became a Pixel trait across the board. It was pretty irresistible at just $399, but then Google kept experimenting. Over the next two years we saw all Pixels tip completely to become mid-rangers, but then this year, it seems the formula is now to go hard on defying the establishment.

So sure, even if the Pixel 6a is a successor to every “a” variant we’ve seen before, it’s different because it’s not really a mid-ranger, and sure, I wouldn’t call it a flagship either. At a time when most heroes have lived long enough to become the villain, this phone is something else. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's dive into our full review.


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