Rimac Automobili's Next-Generation 3D Car Configurator with NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud

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Published on 22 Sep 2022, 15:59
Today's 3D workflows are complex, requiring large teams of uniquely skilled individuals using a wealth of favorite industry leading tools.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is a suite of software and infrastructure-as-a-service for designing, publishing, and experiencing 3D pipelines from anywhere, on any device.

See how Rimac, technology pioneer of AI-enabled hypercars and advanced EV platforms, can enable collaborative workflows for their 3D teams and deliver advanced 3D experiences to their audiences with a next-generation real-time 3D car configurator built on Omniverse Cloud.

Try the Rimac Nevera 3D configurator today: nvidia.com/en-us/omniverse/clo...