Rivian and the Future of Integrated Fleet Management | AWS All Things Automotive: Season 2

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Published on 28 Sep 2022, 19:52
Our 8-part journey through the key "Drivers of Transformation" continues with Rivian, as All Things Automotive rolls on.

AWS Automotive industry expert, Stefano Marzani welcomes Jon Boeing (Business Development, Connectivity at Rivian) for an inside look at Rivian's cloud-based fleet management system and vehicle connectivity platform.

Learn about Rivian's clean sheet vertical integration approach, which includes not only building hardware and software for their vehicles but also providing fleet services to help fleet operators manage their vehicles and devices across the product lifecycle, from purchasing, managing, operating, to selling.

Go "Under the Hood" to gain technical insights about Rivian's FleetOS and how it manages connectivity, device management, and Over The Air (OTA) updates. Then look "Around the Corner" to hear about current trends in the automotive industry and how the software-defined customer experience is driving the EV revolution, with the GM of Automotive at AWS, Wendy Bauer.

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