How to Setup the Kingston IronKey™ Keypad 200

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Published on 13 Oct 2022, 17:00
This video walks through the simple setup process to get your Kingston IronKey™ Keypad 200 hardware-encrypted USB Flash Drive ready to use. The KP200 is an OS independent drive that locks and unlocks using the alphanumeric keypad on the device. Before it can be used the device must have a User PIN configured.

A User PIN can be a memorable word, name, phrase, or any other alphanumeric combination that’s easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. To create your User PIN, first press the KEY button once. The red, green, and blue LEDs will flash once, then the red LED will turn solid while the green continues to blink. Press the KEY button two more times so that the blue LED starts to blink. The drive is now ready for your User PIN.

Choosing and entering a User PIN
A User PIN must be between 8-15 characters and not contain repetitive or consecutive numbers such as ‘3333’ or ‘1234’. To get a specific character, you must tap the corresponding key a number of times to cycle through to its position. For example, to get the letter ‘r’ you must tap the ‘7’ key (pqrs) three times. To get the letter ‘d’ you must press the ‘3’ key once.
After your User PIN is entered, press the KEY button twice. The blinking blue LED will now switch to blinking green. Re-enter your User PIN and press the KEY button two more times. This will confirm and save your User PIN. To signify this was successful, the blinking green LED will change to a solid red, then a solid green.

Unlocking your KP200
To unlock and use your KP200, you will press the KEY button once, then enter your User PIN and press the KEY button once more. The LEDs should change to a solid green and remain on for 30 seconds while you plug your drive into a compatible USB port. You can access your files securely from the device.

Creating an Admin PIN
An Admin PIN is recommended, as it enables Multi-PIN mode on your drive. With Multi-PIN, you can restore access to the drive should one of the PINs be forgotten. In addition, an Admin PIN allows you to reset the User PIN, and also utilize advanced drive features documented in the user guide. Creating an Admin PIN requires unlocking the KP200 with your User PIN. Next, press and hold down the ‘1’ button while pressing the KEY button twice. The solid green LED should switch to blinking red and blue.

The Admin PIN has the same requirements as the User PIN. Once it has been entered, press the KEY button twice. The blinking red and blue LEDs will change to a blinking green and you can re-enter your Admin PIN so that you can verify it. After re-entry, press the KEY button twice again to confirm and save. This will set up your Admin PIN. Please remember if you unlock your KP200 with the Admin PIN, your User PIN will be erased and you will need to set up a new User PIN.

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