Use AMD Get Banned - WAN Show October 13, 2023

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Published on 14 Oct 2023, 4:14
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:05 Intro
1:36 Topic #1- AMD's Anti-Lag+ might VAC ban players
2:16 CS2's tweet, discussing Valve's response ft. Linus touching grass
8:07 Linus tried out CS2, follow recoil, Luke on game audio
13:44 Linus's FPS skill argument, Linus V.S. Luke in bubble hockey game
20:29 Luke on CS2's launch, removal of CS:GO, hitreg issues
22:39 Video of Dan's Z Fold repair, Linus's issues with PETG cooling
28:05 Topic #2 - Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim
31:30 Specs, drive types, vertical stand, resale value
35:52 Linus's car wrap, color spectrum, Luke's firefighter brother
43:11 LTTStore's new Luxe Backpack ft. Linus "drops" his water bottle
46:10 Made to order, free shipping
47:25 Merch Messages #1
47:34 What was the most valuable tech item you got that was stolen?
56:09 Any tips for properly backing up a NAS without monthly fees?
59:32 Topic #3 - HP's account locked printers shouldn't be a thing
1:04:43 Topic #4 - Microsoft closes acquisition of Activision Blizzard
1:07:02 Luke & Linus on Tencent, FTC is to challenge the acquisition
1:09:17 Blizzard's CEO set to leave, is Microsoft's expansion into cloud gaming a threat?
1:10:56 Amazon's Luna, Ubisoft+, recalling TF2 & BattleBit's map votes
1:20:42 Sponsor - Kudos
1:21:53 Sponsor - Grammarly
1:22:58 Sponsor - Maximum Settings
1:24:03 Linus recalls similar sponsor being backordered
1:25:05 Merch Messages #2
1:25:15 Who would win in a badminton match - Luke or Dan?
1:27:52 Thoughts on hardware keys for security? ft. Handshake
1:31:13 Changes on Linux phone OS's that you want? ft. Call screening, phone games, Linus's deal, FF6
1:51:10 Mark receives an email from 23AndMe
1:51:48 Topic #5 - Intel's Arc A580
1:52:43 Linus recalls Intel's warehouses of GPUs rumors
1:55:07 Up to 149% improvement with new drivers, Battlemage V.S. Alchemist
1:57:28 Viewing the 23AndMe e-mail, discussing data collection & breaches
2:02:45 Shadow's breach included financial data & credentials
2:05:12 Topic #6 - Google restores features according to Sonos's lawsuit
2:07:42 Why did Linus trust Sonos after the bricking ordeal?
2:09:26 Judge's decision on the patent reforms, SVS speakers
2:13:56 Topic #7 - BestBuy to end physical sales, Netflix's physical store
2:15:04 Recalling Disney's physical ban, Netflix to open "Netflix House"
2:18:41 Topic #8 - Facebook's ads are discriminatory, according to a lawsuit
2:20:11 This might force change on all US-based ad targeting systems
2:20:50 Topic #9 - Two decades Firefox bug repaired by a 23 year old new coder
2:22:28 Topic #10 - Is Linus spoiling his kids with tech too much?
2:27:06 Linus shows Luke the "I'm Bored" document, Linus on reading
2:30:40 Topic #11 - Microsoft's GitHub Copilot might not be profitable
2:31:28 ChatGPT's costs of running, hardware cost might impact investors
2:33:56 Chips ft. GPU server, transcoding WAN’s VOD faster, "bet" - Dan
2:36:09 Handshake of the century ft. Positivity in the world
2:37:00 Merch Messages #3 ft. "Floatplane" After Dark
2:37:21 Linus's thoughts on Bill Watterson's The Mystery
2:47:40 What's a tech product Luke bought that made him feel guilty?
2:50:25 Do I track my actual time or time or others' average to do my work?
2:52:01 Why did you go for apple leather on the Luxe?
2:52:51 What happened to the AI race?
2:54:20 Any problems with the $1000 JBOD cabinet?
2:57:27 Would Linus consider oil to be sufficiently water proof?
2:57:57 Thoughts on space mining for computers & tech?
2:59:00 Luke's thoughts on the upcoming Vanguard from CCP Games?
3:01:47 MAC Address, Gamelinked or Floatplane LTTStore merch in the works?
3:02:42 Favorite purchase that someone told you was dumb? ft. Linus drops his phone
3:06:36 How does the internet work in Canada?
3:08:23 Thoughts on AR in enterprise?
3:09:03 How is the wear & tear of the Luxe? Bottom of Linus's prototype
3:10:26 Samsung selling Fold with known defects & rejecting repairs
3:10:46 Software that keeps track of different processes for each item?
3:11:56 Thoughts on YouTube changing the "Ad" label to "Sponsored"?
3:12:46 Suggestions on how to latch the 40oz bottle in the car?
3:14:31 Why is Stubby's magnet polarity different than the original?
3:15:07 Thoughts on Steam Link?
3:16:29 If Floatplane sank at the start, would Luke be working at LMG?
3:17:28 Sebastian's response about the magnet ft. Bread plush, returning customer, kids
3:19:31 Outro