Hey Luke Do You Wanna See Something Weird? - WAN Show January 6, 2023

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Published on 7 Jan 2023, 6:26
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:18 Intro
1:43 Topic #1 - Showcasing weird displays from CES to Luke
2:26 ASUS's Spatial Vision, potential work benefits
5:58 Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus as an E ink reader
7:29 LG's M3 97" TV, "wireless" & usage in home theater
11:10 Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i & its versatility
13:26 Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid, an "enlarging tablet"
16:21 Samsung Display's Flex Duet, Linus on foldables
19:49 Samsung's MicroLED CX 76" TV, the better "Wall"
22:57 Topic #2 - DnD's WotC restricts content royalty
23:58 Linus on LTT merch's profitability V.S. revenue
27:14 Discussing old V.S. new Open Game License
29:52 Overprinted M:TG cards, ease of creating DnD-like games
31:54 "Only" 20 companies will be affected to the 25%
34:10 WotC already expected backlash, chat name suggestions
37:47 How can Hasbro monetize yet be so alienated?
39:18 Baldur's Gate 3, Luke on Larian Studios & playing with Linus
41:37 DnD: Honor Among Thieves & other movies
42:58 Merch Messages #1
43:14 Deciding which videos go on weekdays & weekends
44:44 FP as a huge streaming service for techies? ft.Bug
1:00:42 LMG & FP is hiring, Linus on transparency
1:01:56 Sponsor - Acer
1:03:18 Sponsor - The Ridge
1:04:37 Sponsor - Squarespace
1:05:36 LTTStore's Henley shirt
1:06:46 New underwear patterns, Linus's & Luke's workout
1:09:18 Linus on epilators & lack of lasers for men
1:16:46 Weight rooms, workout injuries, LinusSmallTip
1:23:56 Linus going to a gym Floatplane exclusive idea
1:24:43 Topic #3 - AMD's Ryzen 7000 & 7000X3D
1:25:01 Recalling 5800X3D, new 7000X3D's L3 & lower TDPs
1:26:00 Ryzen 7000 Non-X's Pricing compared to 7000X
1:26:52 Intel shadow launches unlocked 13th Gen, screwdriver
1:29:08 Quietly increases 12th Gen prices, how can Intel compete?
1:30:01 Dell to stop using chips from China by 2024
1:33:31 Topic #4 - EA unable to recover CFM corrupted savefile
1:34:29 FIFA Ultimate Team made more money than Elden Ring
1:36:53 Linus buys Apple TV to play Fantasian & NVIDIA Shield
1:38:32 LTX 2023's new graphics
1:39:03 Desk pad design, tickets open on the 27th
1:40:07 Topic #5 - Tesla finally offers a normal steering wheel
1:41:14 Linus found clip-on completer & companies backtracking
1:42:35 Retro-fitting Tesla yokes for $700
1:42:56 Topic #6 - Microsoft to use ChatGPT for Bing search
1:43:41 OpenAI's deal with MS, Luke called it, terrible search engine
1:47:22 Luke skips first two paragraphs of articles
1:48:51 Topic #7 - Placing a PS5 vertically can kill it
1:49:30 TheCod3r repairs a PS5 that refuses to boot
1:52:12 Topic #8 - AMD finally admits to 7900XTX's cooler fault
1:52:46 Merch messages #3
1:52:50 Thoughts on Flipper Zero being available
1:58:16 Linus on the GuliKit outer deadzone
1:59:07 TSMC's $28B second Phoenix plant ft.Bug
2:01:42 MKBHD's video on post-processing ruining photos
2:03:10 AMD 7000 GPUs rumors, is it competitive?
2:03:30 LMG goals for 2023
2:06:05 Tips for a pre-production meeting
2:07:37 Difficulty of building a team with different interests
2:09:09 Linus & Luke on hiring, calling an idiot out
2:14:18 How do LMG keep going when business development shenanigans happen?
2:15:12 Fears of hiring a programmer with no experience for working with a team?
2:17:02 Most helpful constructive criticism from the community?
2:18:36 Companies that sell kits with pre-selected parts?
2:20:31 Why do NVIDIA & AMD use TPM for GPUs?
2:22:02 Linus's thoughts on making his own RAM at Micron
2:22:52 Keeping your memory, would you go back 10 years?
2:42:35 Capcom DLC deletes your save file if you didn't buy it
2:43:45 How many members still use the 2016 Razor Blades?
2:44:38 Any chance for a hollow ground screwdriver bit?
2:45:35 Would you provide feedback after firing someone?
2:48:52 Which bitset works for HDD? Screwdriver holder idea
2:49:44 Thoughts on the US rail strike
2:51:27 Thoughts on the recent tech layoffs
2:53:04 What was your favorite memory with your parents?
3:03:20 EV or hybrid suggestions besides the Volt?
3:04:35 How did Linus & Luke meet?
3:04:55 Any chance LMG is hiring a terraform guy?
3:05:38 VR for fitness in 2023?
3:06:09 The most bizarre/funniest meme through the years?
3:06:39 Outro