Sony Trinitron CRT Monitors Are Still Beautiful (Picked Up a 19" HMD-A400/L Monitor)

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Published on 12 Mar 2023, 15:30
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Trinitron Monitors are magical to many. They are somehow sharp and smooth at the same time. I managed to snag a Sony StylePro HMD-A400/L 19" CRT Monitor from craigslist... and it is amazing.

Videos, especially movies shot on film and old anime, look unbelievably good. I ended up watching a whole episode of Bubblegum Crisis... in shock. I can't believe how much better it looks on this CRT. It's like it was made to be played on a high-res CRT and NOT an LCD.

I got this monitor so I could have a CRT on my streaming setup... to encourage me to stream more. This will mean fewer videos, but I don't think anyone will care at this point. Streaming and hanging out with everyone is more important.

So, check out the video... We will discuss what made this Trinitron HMD-A400/L so awesome, talk about some old games, and have a fun time.

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