I Created Gesture Drawings for 7 Days in VR: Here's What Happened

Published on 11 May 2023, 16:00
Enter the world of VR art with HTC VIVE! Madeline completes a 7-day challenge to improve her drawing skills using the mixed reality app Gesture VR on VIVE XR Elite. Watch as she immerses herself in a virtual studio and creates figure sketches with precision and freedom using the all-in-one headset’s high-resolution display and intuitive controls.

Whether you're an experienced artist or just starting out, VIVE XR Elite and Gesture VR are the perfect tools to take your art to the next level. Find out why in this video!

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00:00 The Challenge Begins...
00:32 Day 1: Having Fun & Learning How To Use Gesture VR
03:39 Day 2: The Timer Feature That Changed The Game
05:10 Day 3: Using The VIVE XR ELITE Passthrough with Gesture VR
07:07 Day 4: Confronting My Weaknesses With Art
09:19 Day 5: Breaking Creative Comfort Zones
11:16 Day 6: Drawing Fabric and Animals
12:08 Day 7: Drawing With Friends in Gesture VR
12:48 My Thoughts About My 7 Day Experience Drawing in VR

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