Scaling data & AI to increase player engagement & satisfaction at Square Enix

Published on 16 May 2023, 19:25
Square Enix has developed an in-house solution called Single Gamer View, which manages large volumes of data across all data points of the business.
Jon House, Senior Manager of the Data Engineering team, will share how they adopted GCP solutions to build a centralized data lake and overcame the challenges of handling large volumes of real-time data.

The Single Gamer View solution provides more than typical data lake and reporting solutions, as it has developed data science capabilities and integrated machine learning models to improve player engagement.
Tatsuo Yoshida, Director of Data Science, demonstrates the use of machine learning for major titles such as Final Fantasy XIV and Life is Strange: True Colors.

Square Enix's data/machine learning journey is just starting, and GCP's new AI solution, Vertex AI, will support Single Gamer View to deliver success to the business.

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