The Level1 Show May 26 2023: Forbidden Sauces

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Published on 26 May 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:43 - OpenAI CEO Sam Altman calls for regulation before Congress
3:31 - OpenAI readies new open-source AI model, The Information reports
3:57 - OpenAI launches free ChatGPT app for iOS
4:58 - Amazon Plans to Add ChatGPT-Style Search to Its Online Store
5:44 - Zoom will soon integrate Anthropic’s chatbot across its platform
6:14 - Hippocratic is building a large language model for healthcare
7:56 - AI threatens humanity’s future, 61% of Americans say: Reuters/Ipsos poll
8:51 - Texas A&M Professor Wrongly Accuses Class of Cheating With ChatGPT
10:21 - AI can predict pancreatic cancer three years ahead of humans
10:58 - My AI Girlfriend Charges $1/Minute and Only Wants to Talk About Sex
13:03 - Google makes its text-to-music AI public
13:33 - Anthropic’s Claude AI can now digest an entire book like The Great Gatsby in seconds
14:12 - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's pizza! Drone delivery in Seattle and Tacoma could soon become reality
15:20 - Astronomers spot largest cosmic explosion ever witnessesed
15:56 - Pinball is booming in America, thanks to nostalgia and canny marketing
16:47 - Clip Science ‘Dream glove’ boosts creativity during sleep
19:33 - Bud Light to launch camouflage bottle amid transgender controversy
21:11 - Caitlyn Jenner Says Transgender Population Is Growing at 'Disturbing' Rate
21:50 - Queen Elizabeth II's funeral cost UK government $200 million
22:50 - Toronto ‘Pay What You Can’ Cafe Shuts Down After Year
24:00 - 'The Bachelor' senior citizen edition is coming
24:38 - WHO advises not to use non-sugar sweeteners for weight control in newly released guideline
25:13 - Kraft Heinz Unveils Customizable Sauce Dispenser With More Than 200 Condiment Combos for Restaurants
26:17 - Electrically stimulating the clitoris could treat low libido in women
27:23 - Chocolate milk may soon be banned in school cafeterias
28:24 - Egg prices are crashing. Here's why
29:09 - IT worker claiming boss sent kisses in email loses sexual harassment claim
30:46 - China fines comedy troupe $2m for joke about the military
31:54 - Dianne Feinstein Saying She Hasn't 'Been Gone' From Senate Raises Eyebrows
33:11 - Monroe County Deputy on administrative leave after K9 officer death
34:08 - London man banned from standing near any woman he doesn’t know in public
34:55 - City of Pittsburgh forced to purchase used fire trucks, respond to fires in SUV
36:16 - Catholic priests to be made to wear QR codes so people can tell if they’re sex offenders or not
37:35 - More hospitals create police forces, as critics warn of pitfalls
38:18 - State Police Investigate Theft of Toilet Paper in Spartansburg
39:21 - Legault defends proposed wage increase for Quebec MNAs
40:13 - Young Americans Are Using Fake British Accents to Fight Anxiety
41:16 - Cranston City Council member Matthew Reilly arrested on drug charge
43:02 - Goat senior prank ends Missouri athlete's competition
44:39 - Huge swarm of bees strikes L.A. neighborhood, sending two to hospital
45:34 - Colorado driver tried to avoid DUI by switching seats with dog, police say


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