The Level1 Show July 21 2023: Authoring, Acting and Avocados: Jobs You'll Never Get Again

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Published on 21 Jul 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:24 - NotebookLM: Google’s AI-powered notes app is launching today
1:11 - Google hit with lawsuit alleging it stole data from millions of users to train its AI tools
1:41 - Google is testing its medical AI chatbot at the Mayo Clinic
2:23 - xAI: Understand the Universe
3:04 - Anthropic, an OpenAI rival, opens Claude 2 AI chatbot to the public
4:10 - CEO Laid Off 90% of Support Staff After AI Chatbot Outperformed Them
6:29 - Hollywood studios proposed AI contract that would give them likeness rights ‘for the rest of eternity’
7:15 - How an AI-written Star Wars story created chaos at Gizmodo
8:44 - UN tech agency rolls out human-looking robots for questions at a Geneva news conference
12:02 - Woman’s iPhone photo of son rejected from Sydney competition after judges ruled it could be AI
13:05 - Sarah Silverman sues Meta, OpenAI for copyright infringement
14:06 - Chipotle tests robot to prepare avocados for guacamole
15:18 - NASA Artemis program tests VIPER moon rover
16:12 - Robotaxi haters in San Francisco are disabling the AVs with traffic cones
17:00 - China beats rivals to successfully launch first methane-liquid rocket
17:59 - Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin BE-4 rocket engine explodes during testing
18:52 - SpaceX pushes the envelope with record-breaking 16th flight for a Falcon 9 booster
20:17 - India launches a lander and rover to explore the moon's south pole
20:58 - NASA expands developers' contracts for its next-gen spacesuits
22:19 - Senator Schumer Pushes Measure to Declassify UFO Records
23:19 - Harvard professor Avi Loeb believes he's found fragments of alien technology
25:11 - Armed 8-year-old carjacked car, led cops on a chase, Alabama police say
26:13 - Colorado grocery stores experience laundry detergent theft trend
27:56 - Man steals forklift at Lowe’s, runs over 73-year-old outside Home Depot, cops say
30:32 - Harvard body parts scandal: Kentucky man accused of using skulls as decor
31:57 - Elizabeth Holmes' Prison Sentence Quietly Reduced by Two Years
32:54 - Inside The Controversial Conservation Efforts To Rewild Europe
34:12 - Florida ocean water just hit a 'boiling' 97 degrees. That's bad for several reasons.
35:39 - Burger King Thailand's new 'real cheseburger' has no meat and 20 slices of cheese
36:32 - Ninja Sword Ice Cream: The longest ice cream in Japan looks like a single-edged sword
38:29 - The FDA is being asked to look into Logan Paul’s energy drink, which has the caffeine of 6 Coke cans
39:37 - Gregory Bender's double life is exposed in the hospital when his wife meets his fiancée
40:44 - An otter was caught stealing a surfboard in California. It was not the first time she's done it.
41:57 - Why the Toronto Zoo wants you to stop showing gorillas your phone
43:34 - Crows and magpies using anti-bird spikes to build nests, researchers find
44:21 - How ‘Jurassic Park’ Is Becoming a Reality 30 Years Later
45:52 - Hawk attacks halt mail delivery temporarily in South Austin neighborhood
46:58 - Reports of ‘screaming woman’ turn out to be loud parrot
47:35 - Police called to Tatnam Road in Poole over fight over duck
48:06 - Giant Panda Gives Birth to Squirming, Squealing Healthy Twin Girls at South Korean Theme Park


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