Meet Muhammad from Espoo | Nokia Finland

Published on 6 Sep 2023, 6:52
Meet Muhammad from Espoo, our trainee talent of the week! ✨💫

Hailing from Pakistan, Muhammad is currently making waves in our Advanced Technology Group as a trainee, contributing his smarts to #AI and machine learning projects. 🤖📈

Currently, he's mastering the art of Data Science at Åbo Akademi in Turku, Finland. 🎓📚

Wondering what drew Muhammad to Nokia? Well, he was inspired by a video shared by our ATG group, where fellow trainees showcased their journeys. He saw Nokia as a place where future leaders are nurtured and decided to embark on this path of growth. 🌱🌟

Muhammad's best Nokia moment? Team meetings where trainees like him are empowered to shine and lead discussions. 🤝✨

Join us in celebrating Muhammad and his inspiring journey at Nokia. Stay tuned every week for more remarkable talent. 🎉💡