Faction's Innovative Journey Towards Driverless Tech | AWS All Things Automotive

Published on 11 Sep 2023, 17:56
Meet Faction, a pioneer in compact driverless vehicles, in this episode of All Things Automotive. Find out how Faction seamlessly integrates budget-friendly components such as radars, cameras, and cellular modems to let their vehicles to drive autonomously or to be operated by human operators in their TeleAssist facility.

Go behind the scenes with Faction's VP of Engineering, Andrea Mariotti, where robust cloud services like Kinesis Video Stream and AWS IoT Core are supporting Faction's mission to usher in an era of secure and sophisticated driverless tech.

Join us for an exclusive peek into the future of eco-friendly automation, hosted by AWS's own Stefano Marzani, Worldwide Technical Lead for SDV.

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00:00 Episode Intro
01:04 Driverless Delivery
01:28 Industry Learnings
02:07 DriveLink and TeleAssist
03:12 TeleAssist Architecture
05:45 Fleet Management Architecture
08:38 Driverless Delivery
08:53 Conclusion