The Level1 Show September 19 2023: Federal Firefox Fumble

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Published on 19 Sep 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:40 - Landmark Google trial opens with sweeping DOJ accusations of illegal monopolization
1:32 - Google says it’s the leading search engine because users prefer it over others in antitrust trial defense
2:14 - Judge in US v. Google trial didn’t know if Firefox is a browser or search engine
4:12 - Calif. passes strongest right-to-repair bill yet, requiring 7 years of parts
5:46 - Revealed: The Country that Secretly Wiretapped the World for the FBI
6:33 - FTC judge decides Intuit’s ‘free’ TurboTax ads did mislead consumers
7:17 - NYPD spent millions to contract with firm banned by Meta for fake profiles
8:48 - Dementia Among U.S. Officials Threatens National Security
9:59 - Microsoft earns new US Army contract after fixing its combat mixed reality goggles
11:07 - Nasdaq receives SEC approval for AI-based trade orders
12:05 - US Copyright Office denies protection for another AI-created image
12:31 - Adobe, others join voluntary US scheme to manage AI risk
13:40 - Antitrust Lawsuit Accuses 18 Property Management Companies and Yardi Systems of Rent Price-Fixing Scheme Affecting Millions of Renters
14:48 - Lockheed Martin software challenges delay, curtail F-35 fighter jet deliveries
15:46 - 'Cryptoqueen' partner gets 20 years prison in $4 billion ponzi fraud
16:45 - The $53,000 Connection: The High Cost of High-Speed Internet for Everyone
18:16 - France halts iPhone 12 sales over radiation levels
18:59 - Belgium assessing Apple iPhone 12 after France halts sales over radiation
20:43 - Polish Senate says use of government spyware is illegal in the country
21:31 - EU said to be proceeding with Microsoft Teams antitrust investigation
22:31 - As EU Commission Moves Forward With ‘Chat Control’ Proposal, EU Nations Continue To Push Back
23:20 - Sweden brings more books and handwriting practice back to its tech-heavy schools
24:52 - China says it hasn't issued any ban on iPhones
25:18 - Elon Musk: Taiwan hits back at billionaire's claim that island is 'part of China'
25:56 - ChatGPT maker OpenAI CEO Sam Altman gets Indonesia's 1st Golden Visa
26:29 - A sign of the times: Australia moves towards digital statutory declarations
27:34 - Africa’s Internet registry placed under receivership
28:58 - 'It's robbery': Salvadorans slow to adopt Bitcoin
29:22 - The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes
30:18 - WhatsApp is working on cross-platform messaging
31:03 - Meta Platforms Accused of Illegally Collecting Sensitive Health Data in Lawsuit
31:42 - Meta's Horizon Metaverse Avatars Finally Have Legs
33:56 - Reddit faces content quality concerns after its Great Mod Purge
35:52 - TikTok fined 345 million euros over handling of children's data in Europe
36:25 - US Teen Dies After Eating Notorious Spicy Chip in Viral Challenge

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