The Level1 Show October 17 2023: But By The Content Of Their Ad Profile

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Published on 17 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:51 - Net neutrality’s court fate depends on whether broadband is “telecommunications”
1:37 - FTC is proposing a new rule to end junk fees
2:43 - Right-to-repair is now the law in California
3:40 - Facebook’s sexist, ageist ad-targeting violates Calif. law, court finds
5:41 - California governor signs ban on social media ‘aiding or abetting’ child abuse
7:19 - PayPal faces new antitrust lawsuit claiming it unfairly stifles competition with Stripe, Shopify and more
8:33 - Federal judge throws out $32.5 million win for Sonos against Google
9:26 - Utah sues TikTok, alleging it lures children into addictive and destructive social media habits
10:44 - New York’s Airbnb Ban Is Descending Into Pure Chaos
11:48 - New York lawmakers are cracking down on kids' exposure to social media algorithms
14:00 - Google Changed Ad Auctions, Raising Prices 15%, Witness Says
15:30 - No Fakes Act wants to protect actors and singers from unauthorized AI replicas
17:01 - RISC-V technology emerges as battleground in US-China tech war
18:13 - EV buyers will get an instant rebate of as much as $7,500 starting in 2024
19:06 - FTX tried a lawyer, Thai prostitutes and finally a bribe to get frozen funds unlocked, witness says
20:23 - Amish men ‘shunned’ after nationwide emergency alert outs them for having phones
22:39 - Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal approved by UK regulators
23:22 - Should new tech rules apply to Microsoft's Bing, Apple's iMessage, EU asks
24:03 - UK opposition leader targeted by AI-generated fake audio smear
25:11 - Damage to gas pipeline, telecom cable connecting Finland and Estonia caused by 'external activity'
26:10 - Chinese programmer ordered to pay 1m yuan for using virtual private network
27:40 - China targets boost in computing power as AI race with U.S. ramps up
28:20 - South Korea warns Google, Apple of possible fines over apps marketing
28:55 - South Korean firms get indefinite waiver on US chip gear supplies to China
29:15 - State-backed hackers are exploiting new ‘critical’ Atlassian zero-day bug
29:59 - ‘HTTP/2 Rapid Reset’ Zero-Day Exploited to Launch Largest DDoS Attacks in History
30:55 - Android Devices With Backdoored Firmware Found in US Schools
31:55 - New WordPress backdoor creates rogue admin to hijack websites
32:31 - Google makes passkeys the default sign-in method for all users
33:30 - FTX used Python code to fake its insurance fund figure
34:19 - Crunchyroll will pay you $30 for violating your data privacy rights
35:03 - Hacktivism erupts in response to Hamas-Israel war
36:24 - 23andMe scraping incident leaked data on 1.3 million users of Ashkenazi and Chinese descent
37:32 - Casino giant MGM expects $100 million hit from hack that led to data breach
37:54 - Casino giant Caesars sends breach notifications to thousands
39:02 - Microsoft confirms "65000" BitLocker encryption error is haunting Windows 11 and Windows 10
39:51 - Food delivery service Glovo: tracking riders’ private location and other infringements
41:10 - Las Vegas-area school district loses $1.4M in international romance scam
42:15 - Apple AirTags stalking led to ruin and murders, lawsuit says

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