The Level1 Show October 31 2023: Air Force One Billion Dollars

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Published on 31 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
1:40 - President Biden to unveil sweeping AI executive order next week
4:21 - White House announces 31 tech hubs to focus on AI, clean energy and more
5:55 - Supreme Court blocks restrictions on Biden administration efforts to get platforms to remove social media posts
6:35 - Kids Online Safety Act Will Censor the News
7:30 - Inside ICE’s Database for Finding ‘Derogatory’ Online Speech
11:04 - The DOJ Has Filed a Notice of Potential Participation in the RealPage Lawsuit
12:46 - Citing Hamas, the US Wants to Treat Crypto "Mixers" as Suspected Money Launderers
15:40 - US Senate begins collecting evidence on how AI could thwart robocalls
16:20 - The most insane “robocall mitigation plans” that telcos filed with the FCC
17:51 - Conservatives are increasingly knives out for the nation’s top cyber agency
19:31 - Air Force One debacle: Boeing has now lost more than $1 billion on each of the president's two new jets
21:03 - Tired Of Being Ripped Off By Monopolies, Cleveland Launches Ambitious Plan To Provide Citywide Dirt Cheap Broadband
23:15 - Scammers exploit Bitcoin ATMs. Will new California laws help crack down on fraud?
24:24 - Jeff Wilson: Washington state senator arrested in Hong Kong for carrying a gun through airport
25:09 - The UK’s controversial Online Safety Bill finally becomes law
26:18 - ‘Does he know what Google is?’ Anger as Italy appoints 85-year-old AI tsar Giuliano Amato
27:04 - A Controversial Plan to Scan Private Messages for Child Abuse Meets Fresh Scandal
29:28 - Amazon discloses 181 mln users in EU in first store transparency report
30:53 - Millions of smart meters will fail when 2G and 3G turns off
32:13 - Narayana Murthy says India’s work culture must change: ‘Youngsters should work 70 hours a week’
32:58 - China's Digital Yuan (e-CNY) Used in First International Crude Oil Trade by CBDC
33:47 - China restricts exports of graphite as it escalates a global tech war
34:57 - Google faces antitrust probe in Japan for pushing search default
35:31 - Exclusive: Google to run internet cables to Pacific islands in Australia-US deal
36:27 - FBI: Thousands of remote IT workers sent wages to North Korea
38:32 - Okta hack wipes out more than $2 billion in market cap
38:48 - 1Password discloses security incident linked to Okta breach
39:29 - Massive facial recognition search engine now blocks searches for children’s faces
39:56 - Hackers can force iOS and macOS browsers to divulge passwords and much more
40:50 - Ukrainian hackers, intel officers partner in apparent hack of Russia's Alfa-Bank
42:15 - They Cracked the Code to a Locked USB Drive Worth $235 Million in Bitcoin. Then It Got Weird
43:27 - Google Chrome's new "IP Protection" will hide users' IP addresses
44:39 - The Fake Browser Update Scam Gets a Makeover
45:32 - Flipper Zero can now spam Android, Windows users with Bluetooth alerts
46:26 - Hyundai to hold software-upgrade clinics across the US for vehicles targeted by thieves

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