The Level1 Show November 14 2023: FISA: It's Everywhere They Want To See

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Published on 14 Nov 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
1:33 - Data broker’s “staggering” sale of sensitive info exposed in unsealed FTC filing
4:09 - Lawmakers introduce the first bill to renew FISA Section 702 before year-end expiration
6:19 - Court rules automakers can record and intercept owner text messages
8:27 - Intel in talks to build 'secure enclave' chip facilities for defense applications
9:21 - Internet providers say the FCC should not investigate broadband prices
10:26 - Consumer Finance Protection Bureau wants to regulate Venmo, Apple Cash like banks
10:51 - Apple reaches $25M settlement with the DOJ for discriminating against US residents during hiring
12:28 - Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Car Right to Repair Law in Maine
13:31 - California wants to end Cupertino's tax deal with Apple
14:27 - Maine considers electrifying proposal that would give the boot to corporate electric utilities
15:39 - Three Arrested for Operating High-End Brothel Network
16:54 - Pandora’s box: UK may be planning to block encryption on digital services, fear tech groups
17:50 - EU lawmakers scolded for concealing content-scanning experts
18:56 - Europe prepares to break browser security with eIDAS 2.0
20:42 - Apple says it ‘expects to make’ App Store policy changes due to EU DMA
21:49 - Google turns to regulators to make Apple open up iMessage
23:22 - Amazon and Meta to stop using third-party data from rivals
24:07 - YouTube’s ad blocking crackdown is facing a new challenge: privacy laws
25:28 - After big drop in ISP competition, Canada mandates fiber-network sharing
27:05 - Scientist Claims Quantum RSA-2048 Encryption Cracking Breakthrough
27:52 - How a 'Refund Fraud' Gang Stole $700,000 From Amazon
28:59 - Study: U.S. military members' personal data being sold by online brokers
29:44 - Washington D.C. Gives Residents Free AirTags to Help Track Stolen Cars
32:16 - Lego fans told to change their passwords right now following serious cyberattack
33:05 - Bad bots make up 30% of internet traffic and they’re after APIs
33:48 - Hackers target Las Vegas plastic surgeons, post patient information, naked photos online
34:54 - Beyoncé's Cardiff gig crowd was scanned for paedophiles
36:23 - Huawei and Tencent spearhead China's hold on cybersecurity patents
37:05 - Coinbase Warns Bitcoin SV Holders: Withdraw or Be Liquidated

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