Exploring advanced VoiceView features and customization

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Published on 16 Nov 2023, 23:06
*Transcript with Visual Description*
Welcome to Fire TV. In this video, we take an in-depth look at the VoiceView screen reader advanced features available on your Fire TV device.

*About VoiceView*

VoiceView is the screen reader that speaks on-screen text out loud on Amazon devices. It’s designed for people who are blind or who have low vision, when browsing movies and TV shows, navigating menu options, and customizing settings.

As a reminder, to turn on VoiceView, press and hold the *Back* and *Menu* buttons on your *Alexa Voice Remote* for about two seconds and you will hear "VoiceView Ready.”

Pressing and holding those buttons again will turn VoiceView off.

To learn more about the location of buttons and their functions, check out the video: Getting to know your Alexa Voice Remote.

*VoiceView settings and preferences*

There are several VoiceView features that can be adjusted to meet your needs. To customize the way VoiceView provides information, go to Settings... Accessibility... VoiceView.

You can customize Reading Speed, Verbosity, Speech Volume, Sounds Volume, Key Echo, and Punctuation Level. Here’s a quick breakdown of each of those options:
- *Reading Speed* adjusts how fast VoiceView talks.
*- Verbosity* adjusts how much information VoiceView speaks while navigating your Fire TV. Within Verbosity you can turn on or off elements you’re *browsing*, *Usage Hints*, and details about the *screen layout*.
*- Speech Volume* gives you control to select how loud or soft VoiceView sounds when speaking.
*- Sounds Volume* lets you select the level for sounds that VoiceView uses while navigating your Fire TV.
*- Key Echo* lets you choose how text characters are echoed back to you when using the on-screen keyboard. You can set this to *None*, *Characters*, *Words*, or both *Characters and Words*.
*- Punctuation Level* lets you manage how much punctuation VoiceView reads aloud. You can set this to *None*, *Some*, *Most*, or *All*.

At the bottom of the list of VoiceView Settings is "VoiceView Tutorial." Selecting this option starts the same VoiceView tour that played the first time you activated VoiceView.

*VoiceView and the Menu button*

The Menu button on your remote allows you to engage with VoiceView in a variety of ways.

When VoiceView is turned on, pressing the *Menu* button once will read or repeat the currently selected item and offer more information if available.

Pressing the *Menu* button twice quickly provides additional options available for your current selection.

Pressing and holding the *Menu* button for about two seconds activates VoiceView Review Mode.

Review Mode can be used to read text that VoiceView doesn't normally read or to navigate by sentence, word or character.

When Review Mode is active use the *Up* and *Down* buttons on the *Navigation Ring* to choose whether VoiceView reads by sentence, word or character. Use the *Left* and *Right* buttons on the *Navigation Ring* to read.

To turn off Review Mode, press the Menu button for about two seconds and you will hear “Review Mode Off”.

Interested in learning more about Fire TV accessibility features? Take a look at our videos on Getting to know the VoiceView screen reader and Navigating your Fire TV using VoiceView.

For more how-to videos and information about accessibility, visit: amazon.com/accessibility.