The Level1 Show November 17 2023: Yo Quiero Taco Bear

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Published on 17 Nov 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Samsung launches generative AI model made for devices
0:43 - Amazon dedicates team to train ambitious AI model codenamed 'Olympus'
1:26 - Elon Musk debuts 'Grok' AI bot to rival ChatGPT, others
2:41 - OpenAI debuts GPT-4 Turbo and fine-tuning program for GPT-4
3:05 - OpenAI offers to pay for ChatGPT customers’ copyright lawsuits
3:53 - ChatGPT continues to be one of the fastest-growing services ever
4:22 - OpenAI announces platform for making custom ChatGPTs
5:58 - ‘ChatGPT detector’ catches AI-generated papers with unprecedented accuracy
7:11 - Meta taps Hugging Face for startup accelerator to spur adoption of open source AI models
8:04 - Microsoft partners with VCs to give startups free AI chip access
10:24 - Microsoft is bringing AI characters to Xbox
10:54 - Microsoft will update Windows 10 with new AI Copilot soon
12:25 - Humane’s AI Pin costs $699 and $24 a month with OpenAI and T-Mobile integration
13:22 - Cruise recalls all of its self driving cars to fix their programming
14:01 - Cruise confirms robotaxis rely on human assistance every 4 to 5 miles
15:05 - China Wants to Build Advanced Humanoid Robots by 2025
15:40 - Industrial robot crushes man to death in South Korean distribution centre
16:26 - Elon Musk: SpaceX's Starlink achieved breakeven cash flow
16:52 - A historic Falcon 9 made a little more history Friday night
17:31 - Did the same collision that formed the moon create mysterious blobs inside Earth?
18:00 - Euclid telescope: First images revealed from 'dark Universe' mission
19:00 - NASA spacecraft discovers tiny moon around asteroid
19:29 - Citigroup considers deep job cuts in Project Bora Bora
19:50 - 12 V battery problem forces Toyota to recall 1.8 million SUVs
20:25 - Solar superstorm could ‘wipe out the internet’ for weeks or months, scientist says
22:09 - US government debt is on track to surpass $50 trillion by 2033. That means $5.2 billion is piling up every day.
23:09 - Ottawa paid nearly $670,000 for KPMG’s advice on cutting consultant costs
23:48 - Virginia ‘bird bandit’ suspect arrested after robbing victim at knifepoint while parrots sat on hat, shoulder
24:18 - Woman jailed after paying undercover FBI to kill a rival
25:49 - 6 cops held by PSB at Arouca station
26:30 - 'Somerset gimp' banned from gimping for five years
27:21 - Nintendo is making a live-action Zelda movie
28:00 - The history of 'Billionaire Bunker' Jeff Bezos' new home near Miami
28:54 - How big is science’s fake-paper problem?
29:54 - Nature retracts controversial superconductivity paper by embattled physicist
30:44 - Parkinson’s patient able to walk 6km without problems after spinal implant
32:15 - 'Couldn't See Anymore:' Bored Ape Conference Attendees Wake Up With Searing Eye Pain, Vision Loss
33:30 - Home schooling's rise from fringe to fastest-growing form of education
34:07 - Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves announces new carnivorous plant discovery
35:34 - Kraft lobbies dictionary company on behalf of its ‘moist’ mayonnaise
36:50 - Perdue made Chix Mix, a chicken feed for humans to eat
38:03 - Snake pizza on the menu in Hong Kong
39:20 - Waffle House wedding reception: Tennessee bride surprises groom
40:22 - Rats have an imagination, new research finds
41:19 - A bear stole a Taco Bell delivery order from a Florida family's porch — and "then he came again for the soda"
42:02 - Australian farmer Colin Deveraux survives crocodile attack by biting back
43:02 - A pod of orcas sinks a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar
44:10 - Emotional support alligator denied entrance to Phillies-Pirates matchup meets Gritty at Flyers game
45:39 - Research finds female frogs play dead to avoid mating with males

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