Your Must-Have AI PC for Seamless Productivity and Immersive Experiences

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Published on 12 Feb 2024, 22:00
Discover how AMD Ryzen™ AI-powered AI PCs offer tremendous potential for businesses by helping them meet the priorities of privacy, performance, and efficiency. AMD Ryzen™ AI is available on select advanced PCs with AMD Ryzen processors.

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In this video, you'll learn about:
• Why AI-powered PCs are essential for the future of work
• Productivity and performance comparison of AMD powered AI PC vs closest competing AI PC vs Traditional non-AI PC
• AMD Ryzen™ AI: World’s 1st dedicated AI engine on a Windows x86 processor1
• AMD XDNA™ Architecture: Allows AMD Ryzen™ AI to run multiple AI applications privately, and simultaneously, without interfering with one another

*Legal Disclaimer:
1. As of May 2023, AMD has the first available dedicated AI engine on an x86 Windows processor, where 'dedicated AI engine' is defined as an AI engine that has no function other than to process AI inference models and is part of the x86 processor die. For detailed information, please check: PHX-3.


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