Why I Can't Use Linux - My Top 3 Reasons

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Published on 15 Jun 2024, 14:00
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For many, #linux meets their needs... but this isn't true for everyone. There are some programs that have no replacements. Creative types especially have this problem... Linux does many things, but audio is not one of them. There are several other reasons that keep people tied to platforms like #windows10, #windows11 and #MacOS.

#linuxgaming has also come a long way, but modding support isn't fully there yet. This may or may not matter.

Let's discuss all the reasons I'm stuck on linux... and I'm just writing nonsense at this point. I hope I got enough fancy words into this thing to make it beat the all-go-rhythm (I'm afraid to type the real word because... what if THEY are watching!).

My foobar2000 theme: youtu.be/ENEdaqrexwM


00:00 - Intro
01:10 - ZimaBoard
02:54 - Windows Keeps Sucking Harder
04:47 - Reason 1: Gaming
07:41 - Reason 2: Creative Apps
08:27 - My Most Important Software Ever
13:03 - Video/Photo Editing
16:44 - Reason 3: Foobar2000 (my music player)
20:35 - Reason 4 (bonus) Fussing, fussing, fussing!

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