Where to run your workloads

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Published on 4 Mar 2020, 15:00
In this episode of Eyes on Enterprise, Stephanie Wong invites Brian Dorsey, Compute Developer Advocate, to talk about where to run your workloads on Google Cloud. With so many infrastructure options, like Cloud Functions, App Engine, and Cloud Run, you’ll learn which slice of the abstraction layer cake can help you best streamline your workloads and optimize performance, cost, and scalability.

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Time Markers:
0:00 Intro
0:41 Compute abstraction layers
1:26 How to decide on a compute option
2:34 Serverless
3:42 Functions as a Service
4:52 App Engine
5:49 Cloud Run
6:29 Containers & GKE
10:24 Compute Engine
12:27 Takeaways

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Choosing the right compute option → goo.gle/38m7V1V
Choosing compute options → goo.gle/2PyWrBI

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