#XiaomiStudios Presents: "The Virtuosos: The Chef" | A #ShotByMi Film

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Published on 14 Nov 2020, 12:00
What motivates award-winning chef Javier Aranda? Check out Javier in his "element" in this new #XiaomiStudios film "The Virtuosos: The Chef" shot on #Mi10TPro by our new Mi Creator and Goya Award nominated director Jiajie Yu Yan.

Shot with Mi 10T Pro (additional hardware and app used)
Learn more about Mi 10T Pro: mi.com/global/mi-10t-pro

Learn more about Xiaomi Studios: event.mi.com/global/xiaomistud...
Learn more about our Mi Creator Jiajie Yu Yan: instagram.com/jiajieyy
Learn more about Javier Aranda: instagram.com/javierarandachef...

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