RTX Theater: Fortnite real-time-ray tracing with an NVIDIA RTX 3080

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Published on 16 Nov 2020, 18:57
Fortnite remains one of the world’s biggest games, and part of the reason for its lasting appeal is its continual innovation. The latest BIG change to the game comes in the form of real-time ray tracing graphical enhancements, which gives the game a huge visual overhaul. The new changes include ray-traced reflections that bring water and other reflective surfaces to life, and enhanced shadows, ambience occlusion, and global illumination that make the familiar Fortnite map more realistic and eye-catching than ever.

We put Fortnite’s RTX features to the test with a Founder’s Edition RTX 3080 GPU, provided by NVIDIA. We checked in on the impact of the different features, as well as fully-maximized “Epic” graphics settings, on framerate, which is important for a competitive multiplayer game like Fortnite. We also took a look at the advantages of NVIDIA’s latest DLSS 2.0 super-sampling technology, as well as NVIDIA’s Reflex low latency esports platform.

This video was produced in cooperation with NVIDIA.

Note: 30 Series GPU supplies are limited. For more information, check out Newegg’s RTX 30 Series FAQs: newegg.io/c9d36a3

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