Galaxy S22 Ultra Tips & Tricks: Top 14 hidden features!

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Published on 29 Mar 2022, 10:13
We’ve had our hands on the S22 Ultra for some time now, so we just knew we had to share with you some of our favorite tips, tricks, and those pesky features buried two or more menus deep. Sit back as Tshaka takes you exploring through the S22 Ultra, One UI 4.1, and some great customizations! Let’s go!

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00:00 Intro
1:59 Good luck with Good Lock and DrumDestroyerThemes Viral Icon pack
3:14 Change your color palette so your accents match your wallpaper
3:34 Change the notification panel default swipe action
3:48 Name it and claim it. Your phone.
3:58 Brighter videos, by the app. You choose!
4:14 Video call background effects and microphone options
4:45 Changing brightness slider access
5:12 Setting up this gorgeous display
5:27 Have fun with your phone call backgrounds
6:08 Protect your privacy with clipboard notifications
6:21 To protect your battery, or not? Are you a Big Mac and diet soda guy?
7:11 Resizing text messaging bubbles with pinch to zoom
7:39 S-Pen tricks
9:10 Three camera tricks to up your game: Burst Mode, Detail Enhancer, Focus Enhancer

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