Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra DEEP DIVE Review

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Published on 16 Mar 2022, 14:28
In this video, Tshaka takes a deep dive into the age old question, “should I upgrade?” But, upgrade from what? He takes you on a tour of all that’s new with the #GalaxyS22Ultra, and how that compares to the last Note Samsung released, the #Note20 Ultra. And, the #GooglePixel6Pro even makes an appearance as we put the hardware through its paces and see how it stacks up. Night sight anyone? We’ve got high speed, slomo camera tests of S Pen latency, HiRes audio output, gaming/cooling examined… it’s all here!

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Good Lock:

00:00 Intro
1:32 The display examined and compared!
5:09 Speaker output and Dolby Atmos support
7:14 My only gripe with the phone’s display
7:55 High speed, slomo video: S Pen’s predictive AI
8:19 Let’s talk about those cameras!
10:43 Night Modes: Pixel 6 Pro vs S22 Ultra
11:14 Auto framing extreme test. Did it pass?
13:05 Splitting hairs: Portrait mode edge
15:42 More notes on S22 Ultra user experience
17:56 Android keeps crushing audio output! Solve it like this...
20:02 Final thoughts, links, and things
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