Modernizing MS SQL Server using Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL Case Study | Amazon Web Services

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Published on 13 Jul 2022, 12:53
In this discussion you will learn how real-world Microsoft SQL Server database modernization projects are executed. You will learn some best practices, risk mitigation techniques & how to successfully delivery a Babelfish app modernization project.

Babelfish App Modernization Workshop.
This workshop is a 100% hands-on virtual technical boot camp for AWS customers & partners who want to learn how to migrate Microsoft SQL Server-based applications to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL using Babelfish. There is no better way to learn Babelfish than getting your hands dirty and doing an actual migration! You will learn plenty of corner points, debugging techniques, helpful tools & surprises.

Please reach out to us using the contact details given below if you want to try the hands-on labs.

Our database modernization Partner 1CloudHub highlighted in this discussion

Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL is a capability for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition that enables Aurora to understand commands from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server. With Babelfish, Aurora PostgreSQL now understands T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server's proprietary SQL dialect, and supports the same communications protocol, so your apps that were originally written for SQL Server can now work with Aurora with fewer code changes. As a result, the effort required to modify and move applications running on SQL Server 2005 or newer to Aurora is reduced, leading to faster, lower-risk, and more cost-effective migrations.

Speakers: Sriwantha Attanayake (Senior Partner Solution Architect-AWS) & Ramakrishna Phani (Global Head of Cloud Practices - 1CloudHub)

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