How to get a job in cloud without a degree

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Published on 23 Jul 2022, 4:00
Want a career in cloud, but you don’t have a degree? There are more options than you might believe. Welcome back to Cracking The Google Cloud Career, where we show how you can use your existing skill sets to reach a career in Cloud. Check out this video as Staff Developer Advocate Priyanka Vergadia shares a 4-step path for you to get a job in cloud, as well as answers some frequently asked questions!

0:00 - Intro
0:51 - Step 1: Understand your cloud path
2:06 - Step 2: Study for a Certification
2:54 - Step 3: Hands on labs
3:28 - Step 4: Build your cloud Portfolio
3:55 - Is getting a certification and doing hands-on labs enough?
4:55 - Will certifications help me bypass the degree filters?
5:16 - Do hiring managers hire based on cert/lab training?
5:59 - What if I have a degree in something that's not cloud?
6:27 - Wrap up

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