The Level1 Show August 3 2022: Singing the (Team) Blues

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Published on 3 Aug 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:47 - Amazon Prime membership prices increased in Europe as inflation bites
2:04 - Intel (INTC) earnings Q2 2022
2:38 - Intel To Wind Down Optane Memory Business - 3D XPoint Storage Tech Reaches Its End
3:13 - Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ Sapphire Rapids 56 Core CPU Benchmarks Leak Out, 35% Faster Than Ice Lake Flagship
3:49 - Coding Mistake Made Intel GPUs 100X Slower in Ray Tracing
4:14 - Intel to produce Taiwanese company MediaTek's chips
5:52 - Apple Replaces Last Remaining Intel-Made Component in M2 MacBook Air
6:24 - Nikkei Asia finally woke up to the fact that Apple’s Patents have pointed to a major push into Autos for years
7:08 - Apple CarPlay could be a trojan horse into the automotive industry
8:50 - Apple Watch Series 8 rugged model to reportedly introduce new design
9:50 - AMD’s leaked Noise Suppression feature might be its response to RTX Voice
10:37 - Netflix Dodges App Store Tax With a New External Sign-Up Page on iOS
13:18 - Google Chrome delays third-party cookies phase out to 2024
14:14 - Google is adding Flyover-like aerial views to Maps
15:30 - Grand Theft Auto 6 details revealed in report on Rockstar’s new culture
19:00 - Two of Europe's biggest internet satellite companies are merging to take on Starlink
20:53 - Shopify's pandemic boom is over — here's how it's tightening its belt
22:36 - Three Arrows Capital Founders Cite 3 Key Crypto Trades That Blew Up the Firm
23:20 - Vox Media cuts staff, slows down hiring as recession fears grow
23:53 - Tesla locks 80 miles of customer’s battery range for $4,500 ransom
25:37 - Charter to pay $7b in damages after installer murders woman
27:11 - Jack Ma to give up control of fintech giant Ant Group: WSJ
27:44 - Senate bill takes aim at Visa and Mastercard's rising credit card fees for merchants
30:46 - 'Orwellian' facial recognition cameras in UK stores challenged by rights group
31:53 - Kmart halts use of in-store facial recognition amid Australian privacy investigation
32:44 - The Unsolved Mystery Attack on Internet Cables in Paris
34:11 - A newly discovered malware hijacks Facebook Business accounts
34:49 - Source code for Rust-based info-stealer released on hacker forums
36:01 - Windows 11 is getting a new security setting to block ransomware attacks
36:56 - Twitter data breach exposes contact details for 5.4M accounts
37:38 - A small Canadian town is being extorted by a global ransomware gang
38:14 - Titanium Blockchain CEO pleads guilty to $21 million ICO scam
38:57 - Solana DeFi Protocol Nirvana Drained of Liquidity After Flash Loan Exploit
39:26 - Google's Nest Will Provide Data to Police Without a Warrant


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