Usb Sound Cards Can Be Game Changers!

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Published on 4 Aug 2022, 0:00
When it comes to getting the best sound from your smartphone or laptop, external USB sound cards can be game changers. But which sound card is right for you? Is it worth spending the money on a high end sound card or portable DAC? In this video we'll find out if they improve versus internal audio and bring better sound when compared against a typical laptop and smartphone headphone DAC.

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0:00 - Which USB sound card is best for you?
1:01 - Why USB sound cards?
1:15 - The Ultra Portable $29 USB DAC (SoundBlaster Play4!)
1:56 - A mid-range USB-C DAC (SoundBlaster G3)
3:42 - AMAZING FANS - Ad Spot
4:14 - For the Gamer - Sound BlasterX G6
6:37 - A Desktop Friendly DAC/AMP (SoundBlaster X4)
8:34 - The Most Ultimate USB Sound Card Ever?
10:25 - Which one should you buy?


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