Otonomo and AWS IoT FleetWise and the Future of Human-Centric Data Management

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Published on 19 Sep 2022, 22:22
As part of our look at the factors driving automotive transformation, we speak with Otonomo about how to manage the vast amount of data coming from all areas of mobility with a human-centered approach.

Host Stefano Marzani, goes "Under the Hood" to understand the underlying architecture of Otonomo's platform with Fred Kohout, Otonomo's Chief Marketing Officer, and Mike Tzamaloukas, AWS' General Manager of IoT Automotive. With raw mobility data from millions of resources, the platform provides value for city planning, fleet management, and electric vehicle adoption, as well as addresses data privacy and consent.

Next, take a spin "Around the Corner" to learn about the concept behind the AWS IoT Fleetwise service and how it addresses data fragmentation challenges in the mobility industry.

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