September 2022 | oneAPI Dev News | Intel Software

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Published on 22 Sep 2022, 14:00
The September episode of oneAPI Dev News shows you where you can learn how to migrate from CUDA to C++ with SYCL. Shares a video featuring Guy Tamir and CodePlay’s Alastair Murray. And you'll learn about Open Development to Accelerate HPC from Vice President and General Manager of the Intel Software Products and Ecosystem Group's Joe Curley. Finally, you'll get an overview of how to become a student ambassador for oneAPI!

Easily (and Quickly) Migrate CUDA Code to C++ with SYCL:

CodePlay's Alastair Murray about software portability using SYCL:

Open Development to Accelerate HPC:

Intel® Student Ambassador for oneAPI:

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September 2022 | oneAPI Dev News | Intel Software