Troubleshoot Shared VPC Issues

Published on 5 Oct 2022, 18:32
Are you getting any errors while setting up a host project in Shared VPC? Are you unable to detach a service project in Shared VPC? Would you like to learn how to troubleshoot and resolve Shared VPC issues?

In this video, we introduce you to Shared VPC concepts, IAM Roles and permissions required to create and manage Shared VPC projects. We will demonstrate how to troubleshoot the common Shared VPC issue that can occur while setting up the Shared VPCs, creating a VM or detaching a service project in Shared VPC while also highlighting the solution of the respective situations.

0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Shared VPC: Security
1:17 - Shared VPC: IAM Roles and Permissions
2:24 - Scenario #1: Troubleshoot and resolve permission errors during setting up Host project
3:05 - Scenario #2: Troubleshoot and resolve access issue during creation of VM
3:35 - Scenario #3: Troubleshoot and resolve issue with detaching service project

Shared VPC Overview

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