Research talk: Cloud Intelligence/AIOps – Infusing AI into cloud computing

Published on 27 Oct 2022, 15:39
Cloud platforms have become part of the basic infrastructure of the world for supporting services critical to business, society, and human life. Therefore, the quality of cloud platforms, including reliability, performance, efficiency, security, sustainability, etc., has become immensely important. The distributed nature, massive scale, and high complexity of cloud platforms present huge challenges ranging from storage to networking, computing and beyond. Cloud Intelligence/AIOps is to innovate AI/ML technologies to design, build, and operate complex cloud platforms and services at scale effectively and efficiently. While this ongoing change of paradigm has significantly improved quality of service, experience of customers, and productivity of developers, great challenges still lie ahead. This research talk will provide an in-depth overview of the frontier research and application of Cloud Intelligence, talk about the main challenges and roles of Cloud Intelligence/AIOps in the future of cloud, and discuss the key opportunities for both academia and industry.

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