Google Pixel Watch review: 3 Weeks Later

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Published on 31 Oct 2022, 19:53
3 weeks later, what does Tshaka think about the Pixel Watch? Battery complaints are all but null as he came to some interesting conclusions after a time, and that haptic engine? Chef kiss! But there's so much more to experience in the Google Pixel Watch, including a GPS test in Downtown Los Angeles where tall buildings tend to be the bane of GPS reception. All that and more in the video!

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00:00 Intro
1:00 The Pixel Watch hardware
2:30 Watch faces
3:25 Brief explanation of "atmospheres" vs IP ratings
4:05 Watch body and sensors, lugs
5:25 The Pixel Watch user experience
6:30 Battery life: It gets better, longer with use!
7:30 Protip: Increase your battery life!
8:19 Music and streaming, storage
8:40 GPS tested in urban environments
10:07 Pixel Watch and phone integration, Fitbit is one of the best fitness app experiences
11:18 Wear OS options to Fitbit premium features
13:00 Room for improvement
13:27 Final thoughts

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