How o8t Got Started | Billion Dollar Napkin (S1 E5) | AWS Startups

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Published on 10 Nov 2022, 22:01
Ideas so big they fit on a napkin. In this six-part video podcast series, get to know more of Australia's bravest startup founders as they sit down and retrace their startup journey with our host, journalist, mathematician, and comedian Adam Spencer, to discuss the idea that they've ultimately grown into a high-velocity business.

Over a few drinks at a classic Australian pub, our founders recount their origin stories by drawing out their startup idea on a cocktail napkin, illustrating the adventures, mistakes, and milestones along the way that have helped them ultimately achieve success and prove what's possible with AWS.

In episode four, Omniscient Neurotechnology (o8t) co-founder Stephane Doyen illustrates the challenge medical professionals face in navigating the complexity of the brain. That’s why the startup is building a ‘GPS for the brain’, powered by machine learning, to help improve the lives of billions.

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