The Level1 Show November 11 2022: Return to Stargazing After A Word From Our Sponsors

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Published on 11 Nov 2022, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
1:08 - SpaceX is now building a Raptor engine a day, NASA says
2:03 - SpaceX launches first Falcon Heavy mission since 2019 from Florida
2:47 - China launches final module to complete Tiangong space station
4:17 - Amazon May Turn to Its SpaceX Rival for Satellite Launches
5:20 - Scientists Find Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hiding in the Sun’s Glare
6:45 - Surprise! Black holes can behave like quantum particles
7:51 - Google’s AI image model Imagen is getting a very limited public outing
9:13 - Google’s new prototype AI tool does the writing for you
10:39 - Exhibit aims to present AI images as real art
12:53 - OpenAI will give roughly 10 AI startups $1M each and early access to its systems
13:31 - Lego to discontinue Mindstorms robot line after a 24-year run
15:08 - 500 drones will create a flying Candy Crush ad above NYC
16:51 - Denver firefighters disciplined for getting living woman pronounced dead
18:17 - Nationwide catalytic converter theft ring made hundreds of millions of dollars, feds say
19:35 - Ikea sues indie game developer over survival horror game set in furniture store
22:10 - Queenslander with disability left to crawl off plane after Jetstar staff refuse to let her use transfer wheelchair without charge
24:12 - Ford Transit Trail 2023 targets boom in RV 'van life'
25:59 - 'BagGate' cheating scandal rocks professional cornhole world
28:24 - Fact check: No litter boxes for furries at SLO County schools
28:58 - NASCAR driver stuns racing world with a move learned from Nintendo GameCube
30:07 - The 'superheroes' catching drug dealers in Peru
31:33 - Giant runaway Christmas baubles tumble through London street wreaking havoc
32:40 - Heidi Klum unrecognizable in elaborate giant worm costume at her New York City Halloween bash
35:09 - Norwegian Man Now Identifies as a Disabled Woman, Uses Wheelchair "Almost All The Time"
36:52 - Dog runs through Mexican town with human head found at ATM
37:27 - Paintballs to be shot at Dutch wolves in bid to make them less tame
38:46 - First-ever study shows bumble bees 'play'


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